How to fix your Asko WCam 1812 Washer/Dryer Combo -Clothes not drying

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How to fix your Asko WCAM 1812 Washer/Dryer Combo if your clothes are not drying! If your like me, you bought this unit because it seemed like the best of bo…


Mark BFitness says:

Not sure if I answered you or not. If the heat is working, yes it is
probably that pulley.

Dave Zeltser says:

Great video! You nailed it. This worked for me… a couple of times. Seems
like if we try loads that are too large or heavy, during the spin cycle
this belt seems to pop off. Any idea what to do if the dryer motor squeeks?
sounds like it needs to be oiled. I would hate for it to seize the motor
and stop working altogether. Thanks!!!

Neal Gallagher says:

We took the top off the washer dryer and the heating element is heating up.
If the heater is still working, but the clothes are not drying, could the
pulley sill be involved or is something else?

myekeh says:

good job , thanks. definitely a poor product.

willskillincali . says:

Great video bro!!!

Mark BFitness says:

Thanks! Mine finally died, something shorted out on the circuit board and I
was tired of fixing it and it breaking etc…so I junked it. I would have
to try to research the dryer motor issue because I never had that problem
personally. Goodluck, hope yours last longer than mine did!

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