Repairing a dishwasher…Part 1

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Close Repairing a dishwasher…Part 1 Repairing a dishwasher might require some effort, but you might be able to do it yourself. The…

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VideoJoeKnows says:

Thanks for your continued comments. Keep it going. Joe :0

VideoJoeKnows says:

Thanks for your thumbs up! Joe :0

wallshuttle says:

Videojoeknows come back. Congratulate,thank you joe.

Andy Ostwalt says:


Amnas2011 says:

Good dishwasher shouldn’t break down,haven’t got one only my

Gilbert Nutier says:

cool work ! you have good idea ; thank you for sharing .

VideoJoeKnows says:

I’m sure you get plenty of excercise that way. A great way to keep your
fingers limber! Joe :0

medoloverr says:

you are the best man 🙂

VideoJoeKnows says:

Got a broken dishwasher? :0

Amnas2011 says:

Ha,that’s right Joe!Greet!:)

VideoJoeKnows says:

Thanks for your time in responding to this video. Much appreciated! Joe :0

spelunkerd says:

Hi, Joe. This repair is very similar to the recent diagnosis and repair I
did on a Bosch dishwasher. The Bosch approach is completely different but
the replacement part is a lot cheaper. I’ll send the video to you as a
video response, since the two videos share a common symptom and DIY cure.

Andy Ostwalt says:

Oh God! It’s gonna blow!! LOL

VideoJoeKnows says:

Thank YOU for watching! Joe :0

VideoJoeKnows says:

Ha & double ha….ha ha! Joe :0

VideoJoeKnows says:

There’s always a positive in wherever there is a negative. Look for them.
I’m sure you’ll find them. You might have to look hard sometimes….but
they’re there! Joe :0

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