Repair Dishwasher For Cleaner Dishes – Maintenance Clean Fix Whirlpool Kenmore

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Dirty dishes are a result of a clogged grinder. Step-by-Step instructions that will save you time and money! ♥ ♥…

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HarmonicaMikesStuff says:

Here is how to remove the sump cover you had trouble with watch the video
on how to clean a Kenmore dishwasher it’s the same as an Whirlpool.. You
just pull up the cover with your fingers.

James C says:

are you single? 🙂 Nice job!

Michael Rizzio says:

Kudos to you young lady…..THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO>>>>THANKS!!

Fuz Eller says:

Saved me at least an hour. Same process works on the Quiet mate III. Thank
you – especially for the hint on the sticking part near the end!

Rick Schaffer says:

Huge help, thanks so much ! I dropped a small screw into the drain and do
you think whirlpool would tell me how to get in there ? Not a chance. I
watched you for 4 mins and had it done in 10 mins.

Thanks !

Jeremy Dost says:

thanks. worked like a charm. we have the quiet partner 2 but the parts were
all the same.

Barbara Crawford says:

The part you couldn’t remove is the motor cover. DON’T try to take it off
cause I did then couldn’t get it to re seat properly over the motor screen!
NOW I am trying again to re seat it as otherwise, I have made my dishwasher
unusable! UGH!!!!! I have read below and they call it the grinder cover. No
one else has mentioned having an issue reseating it so it must just be

bobsmom101 says:

Sharp Mimi, you are an inspiration! I was so disappointed with the poor
cleaning performance of my dishwasher I was ready to replace it. I followed
your steps and retrieved a lot of gunk, plus olive pits and dog food kibble
from the holes at the bottom. A tool to add to your kit: old toothbrush for
scrubbing out those nooks and crannies. I ran a rinse cycle after I put
everything back together to keep all that loosened up crud from
redepositing on the next load of dishes. Thanks Mimi!

abmindprof says:

This saved me so much. We have a Quiet Partner 2, and it works just the

67behnam says:

Did you re-assemble the dishwasher before u ran it with vinegar only?

jdolson37 says:

Thank you for posting this informative video! I used these instructions to
clean the junk out of my Whirlpool Quiet Partner III. I was able to get
that last cover piece out by wiggling it back and forth from left to right,
and pulling upwards, and eventually it popped free. Most of the junk was
underneath that cover.

Doug Laney says:

Thanks! After removing the grinder guard, I pulled out the grinder disk to
find it completely covered with gunk. In doing so, several other pieces of
the grinder (screw, washers) came out. Not sure how to reassemble it all,
but will figure it out. I wonder what happens to the washer if you just
leave out the grinder altogether…ensuring that dishes are well rinsed.
Culprits: toothpicks, lemon seeds, twist-ties, broken glass & plastic,

Sharp Mimi says:

Thank you! I’ll try it next time!

esraaytul says:

Thanks for the video 🙂 I am just cleaning my dishwasher.

Sharp Mimi says:

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot next time.

Sharp Mimi says:

I ran the dishwasher with vinegar only BEFORE I re-assemble. The whole
purpose is to drain all the excess water & loose deposits so it would be
easier to spot more stuff that needed removal with a tweezer. 

Sandi Jones says:

Thanks so much! I got the junk out, and our dishwasher works again!

Cleona Barretto says:

This is amazing. Thanks

Ramey Harrell says:

Great video! I have the same issue, but will try to remove the calcium
buildup and remove the food chopper guard.

jackson0034 says:

wow! Amazing. You did that one handed with a toddler on your hip. Take
that, handyman! I enjoyed the “extra hand” at 2:58 🙂 Did the trick for our
quiet partner iii, too.

auto2006abc says:

I had the same issue with the food chopper guard. I removed the screw but
it would not budge. I wiggled it forwards and back about 20 times and it
finally worked loose. No other parts were holding it other than calcium
buildup. Once cleaned, it comes out easier now. Your video was a great
help. Thanks!!

marycarols2 says:

hang on to the washer arm when you turn the nut.

TexasRedCat says:

“On the sink itself there is a vent that sticks up..” What vent? I just
have a sink with no vent. Elaborate please. This is a great video btw.. got
it fixed in a jiffy

DrHoneySmacks says:

I was very excited to see you had posted this video. My Whirlpool
dishwasher Quiet 1 has an odor so I wanted to get into the innards to clean
it. I was stopped immediately by plastic nut that holds the lower washer
arm. You unscrew/loosen it so easily mine just spins and i can’t see how
the washer arm is going to lift Over the nut. Help!!

Sharp Mimi says:

Awww…Thanks Steve! Yeah, I wish Whirlpool will provide more info. The
additional steps were very informative and I’ll keep that in mind the next
time it’s time for a tune-up.

Matthew Patton says:

thank you so much!!! my washing machine was in a terrible state and your
video gave me the courage to clean it myself

itsjustjuju says:

Thank You so much for taking the time to do this, Happy Monday

Clarisse Miller says: this video took out that piece that you
were having trouble with

DurhamsCarAudio says:

I took mine apart tonight and glad that I removed that part that you
couldn’t remove because that is where most of my problem was. I used needle
nose pliers and wiggled it back and forth and it popped out. Hope that
helps some of you!

David Dunn says:

awesome video .. this helped me clean the drain on mine. thanks !

Green says:

Happy birthday! 🙂 You made this stranger’s day as well. My wife, 6-year
old son and I worked together using your instructions, and it turned out
perfect. We all felt very handy! As others have noted, that one piece you
had a hard time we just pulled loose (just grabbed the tallest part and
wiggled for a while after we got the screw out). And the spinner at the
very top of the washer attached at the top of the white pipe (we couldn’t
get it all the way open, so we soaked it in vinegar).

Steve Roy says:

She does all of this while holding her child…amazing. I have the same DW
and have gone through all of these steps to get food bits out of the
bottom. That last part that she had trouble removing…I remember having to
use quite a bit of force to get it out and then felt like it wasn’t worth
it. I’d recommend leaving it alone. Nice video!

jacknorman1973 says:

Your video helped thanks. The unknown t15 screw covers the food/debris
auger,all you need to do is push or pull to the right. You’d also be
surprised what’s in the water tower deal on top and straight back they snap
apart easily

Jennifer Concidine says:

Thanks for the great video! I feel like I can clean my dishwasher and get
it back together having this for a reference. We just moved into this house
and the dishwasher had a terrible smell coming from inside. When I opened
up the filter area it was slimy and orange and the water wasn’t draining
properly. Here’s to crossing my fingers and hoping it all cleans up. Your
before cleaning looks pretty sparkly compared to mine.

Steve Sanders says:

Thanks so much for this video! Whirlpool should reference this on their
site. Two additional places that I had to clean: 1) there nozzles on the
top of white plastic piece going to the top of the dishwasher; and 2) on
the sink itself there is a vent that sticks up. I removed silver cover and
cleaned there… this seemed to solve a problem that the dishwasher was not
draining all the way.

Green says:

This is an amazing video. Thanks!

bobsmom101 says:

Sharp Mimi, you are an inspiration! I was so disappointed with the poor
cleaning performance of my dishwasher I was ready to replace it. I followed
your steps and retrieved a lot of gunk, plus olive pits and dog food kibble
from the holes at the bottom. A tool to add to your kit: old toothbrush for
scrubbing out those nooks and crannies. I ran a rinse cycle after I put
everything back together to keep all that loosened up crud from
redepositing on the next load of dishes. Thanks Mimi!

Mark Twombly says:

Thanks, this is really helpful. A couple of additional items I found
helpful: – That bottom piece that you had trouble removing can be removed
by removing the screw, then using a flathead screwdriver to pry it gently
from the left side. I just lifted it off after that quite easily, and there
was a lot more junk under there. – Once that piece was removed, I used a
wet-dry shopvac and it vacuumed everything out of there quite easily.
Thanks again, and God Bless!

SabraLea says:

This saved my a dishwasher.

Anna Muller says:

Thank you for sharing. It gave me the confidence to try.

Sandi Jones says:

I can’t use web addresses in my posts, but if you go to “Dishwasher Repair-
Replacing the Chopper Assembly (Whirlpool Part # 8268383) at 3:27, he shows
you how to get the grinder cover off. His has an extra bolt to the right
that mine doesn’t, but it’s the same idea. I found chicken bones,
peppercorns, lemon seeds and olive pits in there, And the stank! No wonder
it didn’t work well. Thanks again for showing us how it’s done.

Ginger Mi. says:

Excellent video!!! I have the exact same dishwasher. I did the “8 cups of
water” test first. Place 4 cups in top rack, and 4 cups in bottom, all of
them up. They weren’t filling up with water. I did exactly like you said,
and was even able to remove the grinder cover. It came right off after
taking off the screw. LOTS of junk in there, and probably the problem.
After reassembling it, and ran it for 5 minutes, all 8 cups were filling up
with water!!! Thanks for saving me money!

Sidney Coleman says:

@ 2.25: removing it by taking out the t-15, then just grab the plastic
‘tab’ sticking up at the top with a pair of needle nose pliers and pulling
straight up. This exposes the grinding wheel for the garbage dispenser.
There is usually a bunch of crud under there that needs to be cleaned out.
Careful-a good depository for broken glass. says:

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