Miele Dishwasher Hook Tool Circulation Pump Repair

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Using the famous Miele “hook tool” to free up the circulation pump impeller. If you don’t use your dishwasher very often the circulation pump can get stuck a…


jacktrefave says:

thanks! Great Video! it also worked for me. I had the idea to modify
a DESSERT fork ( the same size of the Tea Spoon) flattened with a
hammer, Knocked out the 2 middle times with a plier and shortened the
remaining 2 to look approx. like the Miele tool. After the repair I though
I had an idea to share . I then read the bottom comments and noticed that
someone preceded me 9 months ago. Anyways I Thought it might be good to
re-post or refresh the idea for the others.. so they don’t have to read
thru all the comments.

Dragos Salaoru says:

Problem resolved even without the hook provided by Miele.
If you pull out the wash machine and access the propeller of that pomp on
the left side. But before, you have to pull out the rubber pipe to have
access at the propeller pomp and try to move it with a long screwdriver.
Good luck…

Andrew Coulter says:

A large serving fork with just two tines about 3/4 to an inch apart – used
gently – will do the job. Avoids waiting for the repairman with a load of
dirty dishes.

L Ang says:

Thanks. It worked for me. I used a modified 1/2″ copper pipe hanger

Erik G says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. We have the exact same dishwasher, and I
know I wouldn’t have figured it out by myself. Big problem, easy fix.
Thanks again.

Rebecca S says:

I’m proud to say I fixed the dishwasher today because of this great video
on YouTube! My 10 year old 892SC Miele wasn’t working and the water was
sitting in the bottom and not draining out. I cleaned the filters and
bailed out the water. Next, using a metal meat thermometer, I poked around
until I could move it back and forth inside the impeller. My husband even
had his reservations until we put it through the rinse and hold cycle. IT
WORKED!! Thanks to you. Next, I ran it through and entire cycle and now all
the dishes are sparkling clean and hot. Where can I send you the money!??:)

Jason Creasey says:

Thanks so much for this! Whilst I didn’t need to buy the tool (an
alternative ‘tool’ managed to perform the same function), your video helped
me diagnose & fix the same ‘stuck impeller’ problem with my friend’s Miele
dishwasher… 30 minutes before the Miele engineer was due to arrive, which
we duly cancelled! Sincerely appreciate your handy tip, thank you!

Michael Karst says:

We’ve had to fix our Miele dishwasher 3 times in 2 years for this exact
same reason. It took many long calls with Miele before they finally agreed
to send us a hook tool. They usually insisted on sending their technician
for $200/visit or told us to go buy our own wrench. Miele dishwashers only
work if you use them every other day so the water in the bottom doesn’t dry
up (this is NOT in the manual). We’ve never had this problem with any other
brand of dishwasher. We’ll never buy another Miele.

Murster62 says:

This in fact is customer dissatisfaction caused by something being built
too well. Miele’s primary fault was no built in solution. They have made a
change to newer models by delivering higher amperage during pump startup to
solve it. Changing the seal will only let water on your nice expensive
floor if it ever failed and ruin their 20 year life expectancy!

Thomoco says:

So many thanks for uploading this video. I had the same problem today with
my Miele dishwasher and managed to modify a fork as a tool. Flatten the
fork in a vice, Remove the middle tines by waggling them with pliers, Bend
the handle so it’s short enough and to give purchase to turn. WORKED A
TREAT!!! Thanks again.

Amanda Clowe says:

Thank you so much for this video…. The repair man quoted me £750 today
for new pump and labour – and I fixed it with a bent skewer ! Repair man
must have been a charlatan or extremely stupid. Wish I had seen your video
before I paid out my £75 estimate fee ! Thanks

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