How to fix a rusty dishwasher rack

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So what causes a dishwasher rack to become rusty? No matter, the fix is as easy as the nearest hardware store. I use here a product called re-rack and it wor…

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gandj19 says:

Thank you. I just ordered some re-rack off of amazon.

John Takai says:

Thanks! Saved us from buying a new rack! Ordered it on Amazon.

Karen Noel says:

I was told that PH is what corrodes metal in house and eats away at
fixtures. I am going to fix mine using this stuff too!

Tracey Lembikisa-Raby says:

I think it depends on the quality and prossess of the coating as my present
dishwasher rack started getting rust spots within a year compared with my
pevious dishwasher which lasted about 6 years without the rack rusting one

Mc Kenna says:

I’ve heard about that stuff, but never seen the results. Looks really good.
Thanks for the view.

David Ecklein says:

Like other youtube videos on this subject. Touch up is not repair. You can
modify cheaper racks available online (some $37) to fit. If prongs are
missing, ReRack alone is no answer. For prevention, a chemist among the
viewers might suggest something to put in the washer (without dishes of
course) and run a cycle to help prevent corrosion. Manufacturers should
supply stainless steel racks (they charge enough for replacements already)
or polypropylene, to avoid the problem in the first place.

nagaempress says:

never knew about this product and I have rust marks all over my dishes.
Well not for long!

Ellie! says:

I wish the previous owners of my house were as courteous as you, still
fixing up your house even when you have accepted an offer – Mine took
everything that wasn’t holding the house together with them, Lightbulbs,
Clothes rails, Cupboard doors, Door hinges, The FITTED fridge – You name
it, it was gone!

vicki j says:

you didnt tell us did you except the offer or not?

jennifer Reeder says:

so cool

ourTTCjourney says:

I had no idea this even existed!!!!! I have to go buy this. When we moved
in ours some of the prongs have rusted so bad they break off. 🙁 I need to
go buy this ASAP! Thanks!

TheGreenAppleHome says:

lol..hadn’t thought of that..don’t know why- it’s so obvious! 😉

4funnybunnys says:

So neat I didn’t even know that product existed!

qtluvBilly3 says:

I never paid attention to this before. I just looked at my dishwasher and
will be buying this product. lol

manjar50 says:

I wonder if you could use it on your fridge racks? and what is the full
name and maker Please. I love your tip is one we should all follow but I
for one am inclined to put it off

brightpurpleviking says:

You can also buy rubber caps that slide over them. I bought a whole pack of
them and just slid them over my last dishwasher’s prongs. You’d have to
file a few of those down, though!

totallyteresa100 says:

Wow that worked really well! I’m going to order a bottle of that stuff
right away. Did the color match nicely?

David Ecklein says:

Thanks for your timely response! I just modified both upper and lower racks
from $37 racks, and it was a job! If you are a tinkerer with more time than
money, maybe worth it – my Kenmore was missing 30% of its prongs within 4
years. I used nylon screws and polypropylene scrap to do it. The original
small polypropylene flatware rack was like new and stiff enough, so it may
be a better rack choice than thinly coated iron wire. Entrepreneurs, note –
there is an aftermarket for modifiable racks.

aacaptainswife says:

Yes, nothing is made to last.. It seems we have become a throw away
society… As you found, trying to replace a part most times is not worth
the cost… Thanks for the tip!

ElectronSpark says:

If I were you, I would have cut the swollen tips off, or trimmed down the
original coating so I could grind the rust off. Maybe I’m wrong but those
swollen flakey rust balls will probably tear open or split easily compared
to a tip with the rust removed..

Darwinia Zhang says:

Hi, Hey cool stuff! I wonder what else you could use that on…. it’s much
more convenient than this other stuff they sell for putting rubberized
handles on tools. This would be good to keep in the arsenal!!! Don’t worry
so much about the kitchen appliances…most people buy all new stuff when
they move in any how. Take Care– Dawn

TheGreenAppleHome says:

yay! no more rust!

TheGreenAppleHome says:

will do!…so far so good and I have done about 4 loads since I painted the
stuff on- and it hasn’t peeled off or anything, hopefully it will last a
long time!

beerzzz says:

It looks like wipe-out you used to have when typing with a typewriter 🙂

TheGreenAppleHome says:

not repair, but may give you some extra years without having to buy a new
rack. ooh.. a video on modifing a cheaper rack would be excellent- the
cheapest ones on ebay still were out of my budget! They should provide
stainless racks- totally agree! no one commented on something you can run
through to keep it from corroding- maybe just to use the all natural
detergents…I’m sure they would be less abrasive/caustic.

Pam Ruebusch says:

Let us know in the next week or so if it still remains rust free and none
of the coating you applied comes off. Thanks! 🙂

M Wyman says:

tips of my rack…omg…i cant stop laughing!!! sorry guys lol

jojo6884 says:

There are usually screws on the inside or on the side of the handle that
will let you open it. It is just dependent on your individual oven.

acajudi100 says:

thank you .

owl1184 says:

I agree with the other commenters. I had no idea that rerack existed!
Thanks so much for sharing! My dishwasher is only 3+ years old, so
hopefully I won’t need this anytime soon!

Janel T says:

You aren’t too hard on your dishwasher, things today are made to not
last…that’s because everything is made outside of the USA 🙁 Great
video…good luck with picking a new home and the move! Janel in NJ

SillyMando2008 says:

You are turning into a cleaning experts!

helen heyes says:

maybe it could be the dishwasher powder because it is caustic?

totallyteresa100 says:

Also have you figured out how to get inside that oven window to get it
cleaned out? I need to do mine, but I opened it up yesterday and thought to
myself, “Yeah. That’s not gonna’ happen. I’ll wait ’til Keek figures it

Christmas Everyday says:

Thanks for this tip! I have a shower rack thingy that is rusting…it’ll
probably be cheaper to replace something like that, but I’ll check into the
rerack stuff 🙂

TheGreenAppleHome says:

I know- it is like they know exactly how to make it last long enough to buy
it but have to replace it in a few short years- boo!

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