Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Servicing Fisher Paykel Dish Drawer Repair

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Close This video explains how to repair a Fisher and Paykel dish drawer. F&P dishwashers have common issue with F1 and F2 erro…

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archcat74 says:

Thank you sooooooo much for this. It fixed my problem! 

Sue Spear says:

My dishwasher will not shut off when I push the power button…I have F1
code. What am I doing wrong?

Theodore Alvis says:

Thank you, Very Helpful

Waylon Willie says:

Thanks for posting this video–this is extremely helpful! I moved into a
house that has this dishwasher. I’m not crazy about it…. It has been
flooding. Looking at the video and the comments below, I’m able to remedy
things. I never would have figured this out, as they don’t give you any
maintenance instructions in the manual!

castlecove2008 says:

Thank you, that was very informative 

Lou Way says:

I have FP dishdrawer. At the moment the bottom drawer is working fine, but
the top isn’t working at all. The top draw seems to stick when trying to
open or close it. and nothing displays on the screen regardless of what I
do (pressing buttons or turning off/on). Any suggestions?

Jo Bourn says:

I have a 2 drawer dishwasher and the top drawer will not drain, no issues
with the bottom drawer. No error codes come up… Please help !!! 

Luisa Pechen says:

After following the instruction on the video it still flashes the F1 error
code, it will not allow me to even enter the steps in sequence. It sounds
like it’s trying to go through a rinse cycle. What do I do? 

ApplianceAdvice says:

SWEEET! That’s what we like to hear!! Glad we could be of assistance

ApplianceAdvice says:

You are very welcome, friend:) Now you can buy me a beer:)

dorotwhy says:

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any news.

MrLooster says:

Thank you so much!!!! I was pulling my hair out with three children and
husband at work. Had it sorted in 2 mins after watching your video. You are
a saint!!!!

Ian Chaloner says:

After getting an F2 code on the bottom drawer I removed the rotator as
shown and ran it under a hot tap. What was stiff is now freely moving and
the drawer now works again! Thank you so much for the insight, I’ve just
saved I reckon $200 for what was such a simple repair!

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, that means water is still in the base pan. The lower drawer would need
to be removed to gain access.

ApplianceAdvice says:

@owen2005 Right on friend:) Glad we were able to assist you. Thanks for
taking the time to drop us a thank you note:)

Judy Hessellund says:

I have a F1 error and water on the floor

ApplianceAdvice says:

@MrLooster Your very welcome friend!! Glad your back up and running. Thanks
for taking the time to leave a comment.

ApplianceAdvice says:

You’re very welcome friend:) Thank you for leaving a comment I appreciate

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, if the main filter board was dry and you have the F-1 error code then
the mains filter board itself is bad.

Andrew Jones says:

thanks heaps, you just saved me a plumber call out, you made my day!

tom waldron says:

my top drawer stops gets stuck mid cycle. when i open the drawer the water
only feels luke warm so i am thinking it is the heater element and the
drawer is not moving onto the next part of the cycle as the temperature
sensor is not sensing that the water has reached a high enough temperature.
can anyone confirm this. would anyone recomend me filling the drawer in
diagnostic mode turning on the element and then using the temperature check
to see if it heats up?

dorotwhy says:

The rinse agent in the top drawer of my F/P seems to be running out at an
unusually rapid rate. I do not see any leaks. What could be the problem?
Could it be leaking into an area that is inaccessible? (I do not use the
top drawer more often than the bottom, I am fairly consistent at
alternating them equally). I have stopped filling it for fear that I am
just pouring it all into an empty space that will eventually rot the

macelar07 says:

Fantastic! Great vid. I had an F5 error. (lid not sealing) I booked service
but went through the easy steps on this vid anyway. After removing the
drawer and running diagnostic I could see on one side the arm was not
moving freely. I gave it a gentle nudge and now… FIXED! Serviceman not

ApplianceAdvice says:

@owen2005 Hi, if the F1 error keeps coming back there is water in the base
or the filter board down there could be giving a false signal that its

sirpinketalfonzo says:

thank you very much sir! ive now used both of your repairs! 😀

parisheavymetal says:

Thanks for the video guys. I had the F1 problem and by following these
instructions i managed to fix it.

Pam Wilkinson says:

I cannot start dishwasher…followed all directions shown here. No water in
pan. The gasket has a bit of ‘chewing’. I push start and get a few little
notes…deh dehdeh deh…no better description: no action. The panel
works.No ‘F’ symbol…just the little song when I press start. We have very
hard water that we soften but the inners of d.washer dulled…I run a
cleaner through every couple mos.

golfboy666gti says:

Hi, I had the F1 error, I pulled the drawer out but it was dry. Any other
ideas? Regards Nik

TheGoldenhare says:

A big thank you all the way from Scotland! Just managed to remove drawers
myself to remove machine! I was trying to do this for hours before I
watched your video. Thanks again, Corrina

ApplianceAdvice says:

Its a possibility. The rotor could be bad, the drain hose could be blocked,
or the disposal could be blocked?

krakin plays says:

Just saved a call out by drying the bottom of the unit, restarted and the
f1 error stopped. Thanks heaps, please emphasize to turn power off prior to
drying out dishwasher to prevent risk of electrocution.

voodoochef100 says:

@fisherPayorKill …….your repair is wiser than having some homeowner who
is not familar with electrical appliances, hoping to fix it themselves. If
experienced techs can not repair them, chances are you’re not going to be
able either. Plus you’re putting yourself and family members at risk of
bodily harm.

Bill King says:

My dishwasher has the F2 code. The rotter is a little hard to move. Can i
clean it in any way.

Geoffkennedy91 says:

My DW920 has an F1 error code. What can I do?

reeldealnewbury says:

Hello, I have a FisherPaykel dishwasher showing the F1 code and my pan is
dry. I even removed the circuit board and cleaned under the assembly. I
also can not enter debug mode by holding in the start and lock button. The
washers shows the F1 code and both pumps in each draw start running.
Sometimes it will do it when we are not home.

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hello, This could get complicated. Come to the forum and register and i
will assist you with this issue. Appliancerepairlesson/forum

ApplianceAdvice says:

Your most welcome, friend:) Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!
I appreciate it:)

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi dorotwhy, yes asking questions here doesn’t work as well as the forum.
We can get into much better detail in our forum. Thanks for signing up:) I
asked a couple questions about this issue. Hopefully I can shed some light
on this issue with you this evening or in the following days. Thanks for
taking the time to comment here and for signing up at the forum:)

ApplianceAdvice says:

Your very welcome, friend:) Thanks for saying thanks:) You can come ask
your question in our repair forum!

ApplianceAdvice says:

Sweet! Glad we were able to help! That kept at least a hundred in the bank:)

Joanie Schwartz says:

I have an F1 error code and have just unclogged the drain. But won’t stop
flashing F1 with a wrench , what shall i do? joanie

ApplianceAdvice says:

If the drawer does not heat, then the board is bad, or the heater plate is

ApplianceAdvice says:

Your very welcome, friend:) Thank you for saying thanks:)

Lorrie McGee says:

Can someone give advice on my Fisher Paykel dishdrawers. The bottom drawer
has an F2 error code. It starts to fill then makes a strange humming sound
and the beeps with F2. Also my top drawer is leaving white residue on my

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden says:

Thanks – managed to get my drawer fixed but now I can’t get the drawer
front to go back on. grrrr!

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