Detergent Dispenser Replacement (part #8193920) – KitchenAid Dishwasher Repair

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Comments says:

Any time you’re opening up an appliance and exposing electrical components
it is a good idea to turn off the power. This repair involves working with
wires, so please turn off the power to be safe. says:

Great! I’m glad the repair was easy for you.

CECROX says:

This just saved me a visit from the repair guy! Probably worth $150.

Christopher Leone says:

You guys are brilliant, do this for gas grills too please : )

scallawagerry says:

My dishwasher is a different model…the front panel did not lift off.
Instead, you had to remove all the screws on the inside of the door, lift
of the plastics and move the air vent (which was a serious pain in the
can). Then you had to lift the stainless steel inner tray up, and remove
the lower and loosen the upper bracket. It’s almost a 2 man or a man and
some tape kind of job. says:

Uh oh! Did you get the repair done successfully?

Laurie Mallis says:

My spring is the part that has come out. How do I simply replace the
spring? says:

Thanks for the comment! We’re glad to help.

gviolette1 says:

Great video. Never would have guessed I needed to remove bottom and outside
panels. I would’ve gone right to work removing screws from inside washer.
Only snag I had was didn’t realize entire rinse aid sensor pulled out until
went back and looked at video again. Thanks for making the video….

scallawagerry says:

I muddled through it! It’s ugly!

Salman Sheikh says:

i did..i thought my dishwasher had no separate breaker but it did. I didn’t
want to disrupt the power to other parts of the house…fix was
easy…thanks. says:

Sounds like a major pain. Sorry it was so complicated!

keimel williams says:

replaced control board and soap dispenser twice and dispenser only work for
a short period both times do you know what could have it to keep damaging
it? model kudk03ctss3 says:

Not having to call the repair guy is always a good thing. Glad we could
help! says:

Which spring are you referring to? says:

Unfortunately we cannot offer that kind of repair help from our YouTube
channel. I would recommend searching on Google to see if other people are
having the same problem, or contacting the manufacturer.

Mario Lopez says:

Esto es mas facil que kitarle un dulce a un chiquillo..

Salman Sheikh says:

why must I turn off the power?

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