Stove and Oven Help : How to Repair an Electric Coil Cooktop

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Repairing electric coil cooktops largely involve replacing a problematic unit. Repair an electric coil cooktop with help from a contractor and foreman in thi…


Ming Zhang says:

Hey, this is good information. Thanks.

Wendy Radebaugh says:

Do I shut the electricity off before or after I cut the wires? ;)

Daniel Callton says:

Does this guy think everyone is retarted? He’s talking like his audience is
2 year olds.

herring627 says:

Ya, but what if this isn’t the problem? Another suggestion, may be to swap
the burners to test the one that no longer works. In my case, either coil
will work in the opposite receptacle. Installed a new receptacle but this
hasn’t solved the problem.

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