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Easy Chicken Soup Recipe using a slow cooker, aka Crock Pot. A new slow cooker recipe that makes for a quick dinner. Get our Email News: http://www.gardenfor…


Mike iVan says:

Great video. Also,the more of your vids I watch,the more your catchy
background musical score grows on me. ´╗┐

thePowerPlant says:

This is a great time for chicken/turkey necks too!´╗┐

Lacey Lynn says:

Awesome video! I’ll be sure to make this soon. But where is the camera
operator! I miss her comments ­čÖé ´╗┐

GardenFork says:

make soup while you work with our new slow cooker recipe. thx! eric.´╗┐

Patricia Niedrich says:

When we do rotisserie chicken, I usually make chicken stock from the bones
and left over meat, which is minimal scraps that adhere to the bone. I
don’t usually put in any vegetables, because that is the role of SOUP not
STOCK. I put the bones in the crock pot to simmer overnight, and in the
morning, put it into a big mason jar, for use for the coming week. If I
take the stock out for soup, then I put the veggies in. But your way is ok
as well! I use the stock for flavoring my cats’ food. (wet food). Do you
give your dogs chicken broth? Made from the bones, it has natural
glucosamine in it from the gelatinous components in the bones. Good for the
sore joints they get later on in life. Keep that hip dysplasia away! Good
luck Eric. Had bad flu this week, so broth this week is for ME!´╗┐

K Lee says:

HI Charlie and Henry. Good to know you can pre-heat´╗┐

Moo Cow says:

almost perfect..its just missing camera girl and your banter lol..thanks
for the video -dave´╗┐

richard long says:

i do not see the compost video.´╗┐

bonsaibeanz says:

Great video ! I like things easy lol . You got another subscriber :)´╗┐

Shannon Lovejoy says:

This sounds wonderful! Glad you’re feeling better!´╗┐

MizzRowe says:

Thumbs up for cooking noodles separately.´╗┐

Shaun Driscoll says:

Hey! When did you remodel your kitchen? Maybe I’ve just been watching the
old videos….´╗┐

Dale Sullivan says:

I love Chicken Soup looks great I think I’m going to go and make me some
now for later. Thanks for helping me decide what to make.´╗┐

Willow Star says:

Love your kitchen! It’s so homey and cozy with the brick & open shelves ; )
This recipe is a winner at our house as well. Sometimes we have it with
barley, rice, or all by itself. You can hardly go wrong with it!
Thanks for sharing.´╗┐

Jim Bob says:

This sounds really good, I like the Bio-Composter.´╗┐

Rick Kennerly says:

amazing, we just made a turkey soup from my cookdown of the T-day carcass.
Great minds…

As soon as I notice ignored veggies of any sort -wilted, bad spots, that
one sad, floppy little carrot at the bottom of the crisper- we make a
little soup.

When we use the Turkey stock I boiled down, the soup tends to be a little
greasy and heavy from all the fat in the skin, the marrow from the bones,
and the gelatin. In those cases, a healthy glug of balsamic or cider
vinegar really brightens the flavors and keeps the soup from feeling fatty
in your mouth. Works great with any big soup bone.

I like your idea of cooking the pasta separately. We do the same thing
with brown rice, particularly if we’re having guests. That way the guest
can adjust the “fire” in my Jambalaya, Gumbo, Caribbean Jerk, and Mexican
dishes to their tastes.

We also throw in a handful of barley grain into the soup as it cooks. Adds
an interesting texture. ´╗┐

Michael Staniszewski says:


paul102260 says:

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try this. ´╗┐

snowflake5555 says:

Thanks for the tip about cooking the noodles separately. I enjoy cleaning
out my fridge and doing stuff like this as well. I have a share in a local
farm co-op and get fresh veggies weekly. and I have made some great soups
at the end of the week with the leftovers.
I also save the borth when I poach chicken breasts and use that in soups.
Have a great day´╗┐

Bonnie RNY says:

Love your dogs.. Charlie and ?? did you say Henry or Hanna? Couldn’t
understand. Anywho… soup looks good, but I’m on a high protein diet so I
would probably use the egg noodles. ´╗┐

mar9559 says:

Loved the help and the clean up. What about think chicken and dumplings.´╗┐

c4113c10wn says:

Love your videos, especially the food videos, would love more slow cooking
stews. Regards from Norway ´╗┐

russtex says:

Simple, yet great way to make chicken soup!´╗┐

YoungWorksStudio says:

What quart size is your crock pot?´╗┐

FatChickGamer says:

This sounds really good, I have a lot of left over turkey in my fridge. I
think I will add some diced tomato to my version. Great video.´╗┐

rick.kennerly says:

#PodcastsWorthHearing : [vid] Slow Cooker Chicken Soup Recipe :
GardenFork.TV – YouTube´╗┐

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