Replacing the Oven Door Right Hinge (Part # WB14X104)

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jeffscomp says:

I need to fix the door on my old caloric stove. I wonder if someone didn’t
use the right hole if they replaced a hinge. The door closes with one side
not sealed all of the way. 

Tim Gardner says:

want to than you VERY MUCH on this video for replacing hinges. Seems my
hinges were fine. I was given this newer oven, yet the door wouldn’t stay
open in the Broil position. Turns out, it wasn’t the hinge: it was the
spring ! It had become unhooked from the bottom rail under the drawer
glide. I never would have thought to look there !

Jason Chavez says:

Somehow my oven’s hinge got off the wheel, this video was excellent. What a
quick simple fix!

PartSelect says:

That’s great news Fred. Glad you were able to repair your oven’s door! All
the best in your future repairs.

PartSelect says:

Glad we could help you with the oven repair!

Fred Cooke says:

Just received my order for WB14X104 (Right Hinge). Real easy to replace. It
was easier to set the top of the spring and then reattach the bottom spring
back to frame. Less than 5 minute fix.

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