Repainting Stoves

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How to do-It-yourself instructional video on repainting stoves and other appliances. Ok, welcome to the show. Today on repairs101 we’re going to do something…

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chadandhayleysmom says:

Sound is terrible. My volume is up all the way but still sounds like
mumbling or even whispering except when you went to shut off the breaker.
It’s very frustrating to watch a video to learn something and not
understand what you’re saying.

Darlene Parker-Faldyn says:

I have sanded my stove a few time, getting rougher and rougher grit. It
will not even take the shine off. Should I still paint it?

Linda McMurray says:

Apply artist relief with a small brush on little lights and difficult areas
to tape. 

Myrrisa says:

What is the paint you used?

brenna045 says:

welcome to the future lolol

Repairs101 says:

@meghasaurusrex – This video was made as a response to a question from
someone engaged in “House Staging”. The stove was only kept for a short
time after painting and then recycled. Although it did work, it was not
worth repairing as the entire thing needed to be rewired. Mostly coffee
made on top and some oven use with no problems to report. A viewer reported
paint blistering off where hot food was spilled. Talk to your paint
supplier about impervious finishes if you intend to cook. Good luck!

CK says:

Great job! Looks modern now. 🙂

yumyum215 says:

so i wouldn’t be able to turn it off myself? would you have time giving a
demo of how to disconnect the stove fro the gas. i know you have to turn
off the valve but i wasn’t sure if i had to remove the fittings as well

mvann5 says:

Very interesting! Hey, I cannot find the video you mention you did on more
spray-painting. I have to spray a large, lateral file cabinet and need
instruction, if you have any… ? Has 5 drawers, is 65 inches tall, 3 feet
across… kind of a monster! Thanks.

beautifulyoleny says:

Thank you !

SoMuchKoolerOnline says:

The audio is not always clear but the video is very thorough and you wore
inhalers mask–very smart.

yumyum215 says:

do i need to make sure the gas is off too?

Repairs101 says:

@yumyum215 – Yes! Having the gas on and the pilot lit would be a FIRE
HAZARD. I strongly recommend a qualified gas fitter disconnect the stove so
you can paint it in a place where the over-spray mess will be of no
consequence. Otherwise you will have to build a self-contained spray booth.

TheChipmunk2008 says:

Good call on the masking tape, and ‘you get what you pay for’. Too many
people think ‘dollar store’ or ’99p store’ [depending what country you’re
in 🙂 ] tape will be fine. It’s not. 🙂

Joyce Peters says:

this was very helpful to me, thank you… and you seem like a really nice
guy, too. Again, thanks!

yumyum215 says:

@repairs101ca lol just because im a woman doesn’t mean i dont know how to
SAFELY remove the gas connections and i even know how to check for leaks
when connecting again ( using a q-tip and soapy water). But i will take
your advice I will ask the land lord to do it just to be extra safe. thank
you for all the help!

Repairs101 says:

@yumyum215 – I do not recommend you handle the gas connections at all – a
leak could be disasterous. Also, please don’t use spray paint where
children are (or will be) present as the propellant used is toxic – read
all instructions – wear an organic vapour respirator – vent spray booth
directly outdoors – keep windows open 24 hrs after spraying indoors and/or
evacuate premises. Please be careful.

Rory Siwik says:

Retro love… You make an old jalopy look much better.

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