Range/Stove/Oven Repair – Replacing the Sealed Burner Cap (Whirlpool Part # 3412D024-26)

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http://www.partselect.com/PS2356992-Whirlpool-3412D024-26-Sealed-Burner-Cap-with-Electrode.htm?SourceCode=15 Click here for more information on this part, in…

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Carlos moreno says:

Would this solve the issue of a burner that clicks and let’s gas flow but
won’t ignite? (Only ignites with a match)

fishycomics says:

Yep once again I just replaced two burners, I paid 15.00 per, and
as we know whenever water gets on to these they will ruin them. the spark
plugs can be changed out alone, and or the burner.

fishycomics says:

added note I used a Plumbers wrench due to the rust, and I have a rotted
washer. thanks, this video was 100% helpful won my vote

PartSelect says:

Hi Omar, I would first try removing the burners and cleaning the igniter
and burner holes to remove any gunk that might be clogging them. The
igniter is a small nub located beneath the burners. You can poke a needle
through the tiny holes in the burner to clear them out. If that doesn’t
solve the problem, the igniter may be weak – it requires a certain current
level to open the valve. To check this, an amp meter is required. If the
igniter is defective then it must be replaced.

PartSelect says:

Unfortunately, we don’t have a video for converting natural gas stove into
propane. I did a quick look on YouTube and there are a quite a few videos
available. Make sure when you’re searching you use the type of stove (GE,
Whirlpool etc.) that you have. Good luck!

Omar M says:

I check the stove and its one of those that you cannot 1/8th turn. It its
the one with the star screws. I moved the metal circles and it turned on
but the ignition is very low. It sparks one little spark not like the other
ones. So i think the prob is why only small spark to none. Thx.

fishycomics says:

you gots to be kidding. that simple wow? My only issue is that
repairclinic(com) has two part numbers of the same color for my maytag?
once I find the number on it, its as simple as a twist. I shall not worry
bout the gas as the burner knob is OFF to the stove I go. thanks a twist of
faith Lol

Omar M says:

Its that simple?! My mother has her stove and when she turns on the left
front and left back they work but not the right sides but you can hear the
right ones clicking. What is the trouble with that? Thx.

luz murillo says:

do you have a video on converting a natural gas stove into propane?

PartSelect says:

Hi Omar, Has she cleaned the stove top or burner components recently? If
so, it could be as simple as removing any left-over product from the
components! If not, it could be something wrong with the lightning
mechanism. If you hear clicking when the knobs are turned, it means gas is
still coming out, but nothing is igniting it. Hope that helps some!

mmmcomfy says:

Thanks for that. But, you pulled the burner right out of there—isn’t it
connected to the gas somehow?

PartSelect says:

For this particular model the burner cap can be pulled right out. It is
connected to the gas so Steve recommends (0:18) disconnecting the stove’s
gas line and power before attempting this repair to prevent any accidents.
Hope this information helps.

PartSelect says:

Glad the video was helpful!

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