Range/Stove/Oven Repair – Replacing the Inner-Oven Door Glass (Frigidaire Part # 316088600)

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http://www.partselect.com/PS438400-Frigidaire-316088600-Inner-Oven-Door-Glass-Panel.htm?SourceCode=15 Click here for more information on this part, installat…


Zakia Sultana says:

Hello there, nice video. My concern is not exactly regarding the glass but
the door sealing gasket for this model. Can you please let me know how to
replace the gasket. Thanks a lot. 

huascar moreira says:

Dude!!!!!!!!!!!! You saved my ass, I had to replace the handle and I had no
idea where to start, I could not find my manual. I was looking to replace
my door handle and this video help me trmendously. Thank you!!!!!!!

PartSelect says:

Check out our website PartSelect . com and enter in your oven’s model
number in our Instant Repairman search tool bar. It will help you locate
the parts you need. Hope this information helps.

Angel Lumba says:

Thank you oven man very cool

EngrELect says:

thanks u

wl8282 says:

The outter glass on my stove same make and model of this one got
broken…..long story, how can i order new glass for it? or can i even
order it

PartSelect says:

You’re welcome! Thanks for being a customer.

PartSelect says:


PartSelect says:

@EngrELect You’re welcome!

rocky gupt says:

that was great help. now i need to find glass.

PartSelect says:

You’re welcome! Glad we could help. Have a good holiday!

PartSelect says:

Glad you found the video helpful. We carry oven glass for a variety of
ovens. If you visit our website and enter in your model number in our
Instant Repairman search bar it will help you locate the part you need or
if you can provide the model number I’ll see what we have available.

tyscribe says:

You saved me from buying a new door or even oven. And you sell the glass
part I need for less than GE (though I’d buy it from you even if you didn’t
just for the video)! Thanks.

Paraz1tul says:

Where do you buy the same glass size from?

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