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I’ve repaired my PS3 from YLOD in my kitchen oven 2.5 minutes at 400F(200C)


Chibou Gameau says:

@Alex.. Yes pre-heat´╗┐

Alex Mol says:

Did you pre-heat the oven?´╗┐

Jaden Keys says:

We did it it don’t work

Chibou Gameau says:

@James Edwards… Yes put some new thermal paste before reinstalling
cooling device.

Chibou Gameau says:

Don’t let the battery on the motherboard like i did cause mine exploded in
the oven

Tiago Dias says:

Just did this to my PS3 Slim, worked like a charm!

WarpPal says:

So is it still working??

Jaden Keys says:

What are the pennies for

Chibou Gameau says:

@WarpPal it still working as a brand new :0)

Jsean Zims says:

was it thermal paste on it while it was in the oven

Chibou Gameau says:

@bradley yes and inportant wirhout battery

Chibou Gameau says:

I used penys and a dollar (canadian dollar) to put little weight on cpu and
gpu to assure good reflow. And it really work… Dont have to let it 15
minutes like other video on toutube.. I did it in almost 4 minutes… And i
repeat, remove de battery from the board, i didnt get that info and mine
exploded in the oven…

antz139 says:

Worked great for me, I previously tried the hair dryer method, i used the
hairdryer for 30 mins and poop, 10 mins of this and my ps3 running great, I
also had a very loud fan, what I did was change the thermal paste I applied
it by putting a grain of rice shaped blob in the middle of the cpu and gpu
then pressed it together with the heat shrink to avoid air bubbles(DONT
SPREAD IT)then put a HUGE bend in the clamps I mean HUGE and its running
perfect Played a 2 hour bluray and its still so quiet!

James Edwards says:

Did u put thermal paste on? Please Reply?

Chibou Gameau says:

@j man yes it still working like a brand new

Chibou Gameau says:

And please share to your friends, it will save lot of money for repair!!!

Chibou Gameau says:

My kids and me can play for hours a day on my ps3 and it never did YLOD
again after my repair.. It still working

antz139 says:

heat sink*

Chibou Gameau says:

@James Edwards no need thermal paste for oven

Bradley Pullen says:

How u do this that do u put in oven is it just motherboard?

xDPwnageDx says:

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boxme1on1 says:

What did u put on top of the CPU and GPU???

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