Oven Sensor Test

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To find a new oven sensor for your electric or gas range, search http://www.repairclinic.com/Shop-For-Parts using your appliance’s model number. Is your oven…


Charlie Essers says:

Great video. We have the F2 error as well. I pulled the sensor and it
measures at exactly 1100ohms. It is bad? Thanks!

Jeremy Tyranski says:

im having problems with my oven.. im getting the correst voltage at the
leads to the heating element, but the element is not heating. i did a
continuity test on the element and it is good, i did an ohms test of the
temp sensor and it is good as well. im lost on what to do next

samys187 says:

I have a f11 Code and my stove door keeps locking and beeping what should I

Krystel Larson says:

im not sure if this is whats wrong with our oven but when we hit the over
button to turn it on instead of the deg option coming up it beeps and f31
shows up on the digital reader.. any tips on what it is and what i can do
to fix it…. not having the oven makes it hard cooking for the kids….
plz and ty..

Desmond X Torres says:

Thank you so damn much for your post on manage my life.com that led to this
video I was able to find a loose connection using my PROPERLY CALIBRATED
VOLMETER. Plugged it in, and all was well! I am now having a frosty cold
one instead of going to an appliance repair site and ordering a part I
wouldn’t have needed. Thank you so much!

RepairClinic.com says:

That’s awesome! We don’t post on manage my life.com, but we do have fans 🙂

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