Oven Igniter – How To Replace

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Buy the new Oven Igniter here http://www.appliancepartspros.com/range-cooktop-oven-igniter.html Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to replace an O…


Mike Maldonado says:

Great video and very helpful.

Michael Thomas says:

My Whirlpool Gas Range is having issues. It will light fine, but then a
few minutes into the cook and hear it start clicking a few times and then
it will no longer heat. Does this sound like a bad igniter? Someone told
me it might be a sensor board issue which is expensive to fix. Thanks 

Melanie Haage says:

This is a very helpful video but on my GE Profile oven the connectors are
not accessible so you have to cut the wires and use ceramic nuts to connect
them. GE even provides the nuts because they know they are necessary.
Otherwise, it’s all very similar and pretty easy.

beyackabiotch says:

My oven fills with gas, and then sometimes pops the door open 2 inches when
it finally ignites. Now it wont light, but still fills the kitchen with
gas. very bad design, that this oven will spit out gas while not igniting

stopasking formynamegoogl says:

You are an angel from heaven above! It’s because of nice people like you
that it makes me less scared about owning a house. Thank you for helping
people like me save money.

lifeklove15 says:

Every video I watch shows the wires being put back behind something but the
way my wires are connected that isnt possible, should I worry about the
spliced wires being too close to heat?

Amy Schroth says:

Thank you, Appliance Parts Pros!
Ordered the ignitor, got it in the mail, unplugged the range and shut off
the gas, lifted out the bottom, unscrewed two nuts, pulled the harness
through, (went to the hardware store and bought two little wire nuts,)
fastened the harness to the new ignitor, reversed the process, and Voila!
it works! Aside from the trip to the store, 10 minutes tops. Awesome. 

Evo Evo says:

Thanks for the video!

Thomas Edward Gent Jr. says:

My oven is attached to the wall. how am I supposed to disconnect the
electric when I can’t get at the connection?

Larry Turner says:

I have a problem the GE electric ignition when I install the flame spreader
plate where the gas tube will not ignite but when it’s not on it ignites
properly. Does anyone have any suggestions because I had tried moving the
ignition as close as possible and the same results with the plate on?

Model PLT0592
Thank You



I have watched your video numerous times and followed through on the
testing. I have replaced the igniter and then tested for continuity on the
safety valve, which I did have positive continuity. Once everything was
back together, I had to reset the safety plunger on the gas regulator. I am
able to get the gas in the oven to ignite, but it is a very low blue flame
and doesn’t change with increasing the dial rotation. Why will this not
fire up? Is this a thermostat issue or still a defective Safety Valve?

myviews says:

I have a superba kitchen aid range would the igniter be same place?? The
problem is when we set temp it never gets hot stay very low. model is

bobo bob says:

I forgot to thank you for your instructional video on installing the oven
igniter. Saved me big bucks. If I can do it , anyone can. Do just as you
say and your home will have a working oven in no time.

Manatease says:

My gas oven stopped working. Then the PG&E guy came by and did something
and it started working again. Then it stopped, probably when the stove was
moved slightly. Do I have a loose connection somewhere? Thank you.

xxxild says:

Odd, but when I put the flame spreader back on I couldn’t find any screw
holes. It’s in there without screws, but I think it’s okay.

FBlair says:

hey guys thanks for the vid … mine was slightly different it had 2
connection points one behind the back panel and the other underneath near
where the back of the drawer is … minor detail … took me an hour and
the oven works great again … thanks!

Dick Lesh says:

I did it Thanks Easy Peasy

AppliancePartsPros says:

@Thiscatsgotclaws Not likely. Check your oven cavity for any foreign
objects, like a plastic pot handle or something like that. Could also be
wire insulation. Try to pin point the area where the smell is coming from.
Check for signs of melted / burnt plastic on the outside of the oven. If
the oven seal is weak, it might let out enough heat to melt the control
panel for example. Stop using the oven if you feel it is unsafe.

Nate Mendelsohn says:

Had our solution at 5:21 but watched the rest because this guy rules.

April Baugher says:

Thank you for the video after much troubleshooting by myself this explained
the issue exactly, going to get the part and replace today. Thanks

JDM0917 says:

Good info

Peter Olguin says:

Oven fixed for the price of the part. I love it! You guys rock!

frank kozlowski says:


Marie Aussie says:

I set amonia in the oven overnight and when I went to remove it I spilled
the liquid and the stove GFI tripped. Now I wonder if I shorted the igniter
in the oven. The oven does not work and trips the GFI outlet. The top
burners are working. Please advise, Your video makes it look easy to
replace. Great video, thanks.

gyro9 says:

Thanks. With the help of this vid, I was able to replace my ignitor in
about 15 minutes.

AppliancePartsPros says:

It is possible, you would have to take a look inside and see if you can
determine the problem.

TexasBarBQ says:

would any oven igniter work or do you need a specific type for your model
of stove…should i remove it and take it with me to the part store to
match it up with the new one..?

Pho Jilli says:

The igniter itself may be heating up the oven enough for you to think that
it’s actually preheating… that’s what mine currently does.

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