Kitchenaid Wall Oven Repair – Does not heat after self clean – KEBC141KBL03

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Troubleshoot your Kitchenaid Wall Oven suffering from some of the following issues: Does not heat after self clean Visit us at …

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johnsee70 says:

I have a GE double oven model# j kp28b0f5bb everything turns on normal but
it does not heat up only the top burner gets hot on the bottom half of the
oven what could it be? 

ryk1265 says:


M Moreau says:

Great video! Thanks a lot. Made this exact replacement. Ordered the part on
Amazon 1 day shipping. Oven broke Monday. Tuesday was working perfectly
without paying a fortune.

jac0bm says:

My father would like me to tell you great job! Clear, easy to follow
step-by-step instructions and our oven is working perfectly now. Thank you
so much! We’ll be sure to come back here first for help with our appliances
from here on out!

Tracy K says:

Matt, thank you so much. Why have self-clean on an oven if this is what
happens when I use it? I can’t do this repair job myself, but I am sure
this is the problem. Why is it not listed in the oven manual under trouble
shooting or on the manufacturers website for possible problems, is beyond
me (unless they know it is a defect!).

Pat B says:

This was a great video! I had this exact problem you outlined and your
video helped me determine the root cause and gave me the confidence to
repair it. I have a Kitchenaid wall oven, Model KEBK101SSS04, and the
thermal fuse location was slightly different and a little more difficult to
replace. That said, once replaced, the oven worked as advertised. Thanks

Pathmoss says:

Hi There

I enjoyed watching your video but one thing struck me as odd, here in the
oven housing units have a ventilation space at the back which is sealed off
from any cupboards above or below the oven by a false back, leaving a
ventilation space from the base of the cupboard to
the top, and a vent fitted in the kickboard at the bottom front so all the
heat at the back of the oven can rise up the back of the cupboard and out
at the top.

The cupboard this oven was installed in appeared to be sealed is that
normal in the US.
Thanks Chris.

rosy says:

I have the exact same problem with my Kitchen Aid double wall oven,
the lower oven will not work after self clean. I was unable to see the ohm
meter on the video. How many ohms are you looking for when testing the
thermal fuse/thermostat ? Could it also be the sensor, and if so how may
Ohm’s are you looking for when you test that? 

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