iPhone WiFi Repair: Oven Fix (Reflowing the PCB) – also works on iPod Touch

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How to repair iPhone WiFi in the Oven (or, How to Reflow the PCB). I fixed my iPhone wifi problem by following these steps: http://www.iphonetiquicia.com/iph…

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binta diallo says:
Sebastiaan van Kerkfort says:

Fixed the WIFI on my old Iphone 3G by baking the logic board in the oven!
The first attempt failed, but increasing the time and temperature (10 mins
@ 200 degrees) did the trick. Taking the phone apart was also quite easy.

Abdul jbj says:

It worked perfectly
Thanks for sharing this wonderful solution
All Apple stores need an Oven so they can fix peoples iPhones within

Doomy Kick says:

Tried this procedure to the letter on my iphone 3gs to fix out greyed wifi
and now it wont even turn on :/

techguysuk says:

it only worked for a week ?

chewydeejay says:

your an idiot


Iphone pie tastes better in winter

ComputerTutorialsFre says:

would you need it in the same time for a fan assissted oven

Svenmist says:

didn’t work for me, but nothing bad happened either, so it won’t hurt to try

NikyRipy says:

He isn’t partner

Takato142 says:

guinea pig. duh.

fuatdem1 says:

@NosBling ıt dosen’t work for ipod touch 3g. don’t try this for ipod..

TheTechJoint says:

I’m not gonna risk it…. I still have Internet through 3G so big whoopdy

Jamal AL Jamal says:

Worked great with my iphone 3G. Thank you

drscjmm says:

but.. it’s not working all that great… it isn’t greyed out but im having
issues connecting to my network. gonna bake it again tomorrow for a full 7

MissMikah16 says:

Hey, I got my wifi chip replaced from someone about 24 hours ago. He said
it would take about a day to kick in. Is this true? How long should I wait
for the ‘no wi-fi’ to change before I call and complain? Lol. Thank you!

Giacomo Collini says:

and for 3gs? where is the wifi chip on there?

Timūras Augucevičius says:

It should be written fisrst thing and in caps lock DISCONECT CAMERA! I
f***ing cooked it

WRC LOL says:

is this video a joke or wtf ?

aleros says:

hahahahaha idiots!!! get a soldering iron for $2 USD instead of this silly
and dangerous (for your iphone) solution.

RadeonHPC says:

Trying it now, will be back with results

Jared Swenson says:

You look sad. Why is this?

Miguel Castillo says:

just go on general, reset, and then select restore all network it will work
after a few minutes

jack watson says:

Worked for 5mins wtf!

karthik jayakumar says:

does this fix only the no wifi issue or does it also fix no bluetooth,no
imei? 🙁

RHCPmikeRHCP says:

same for 3gs???

Count Chaoscope says:

Attempt one. No WiFi. Cooked at 195-200 on an old oven without thermometer.
For 7mins + 30 secs. Now I reheated the oven for the second round. This
time I will go 200-210… 5 mins

Aashish Shrestha says:

can anyone help me my iphone is dead now? i tried the whole process without
missing any part. Just the wifi wasn’t working before i put in the oven.
Now does not respond to DFU, charging or anything. HELP!!!

antspec says:

OMG! I just fixed my WiFi on my iPhone 3G! You are the man! I followed your
instructions to the letter. Thank you very much! About 2 months ago, my
WiFi signal fizzled out on me when I was downloading songs from iTunes. My
Bluetooth still worked fine but WiFi was completely out. Thanks, great

jonnieZG says:

I fixed my Toshiba Satellite A200 VGA card that way. Thank you for the

Youssef Kabodan says:

so you say that i have to cook my iphone

sanjay kuril says:

chutiya hi kya sab log

Oktawian Dembicki says:

Mmmmmm tasty ;D

Fitswell31 says:

@M4LEO it worked for me i did it for 5 mins at 300

Koke L says:

LMFAO it did work for me, so that makes you an idiot

Alexander Heimel says:

Awesome. It worked! Thanks a lot!

butterflyhort says:

Well I just successfully reflowed my pcb for the 3rd time. This always
works for me, but it only lasts 2-3 weeks. O well it’s working again. Maybe
3rd times a charm.

ladyvenom3d says:

I did this and it worked but then after a few minutes the wifi was going do
I have to bake it with a higher temperature? What would be your advice?

Fernando Peña says:

my problem is with the SIM card, not sure if this will fix mi issue.. i
tried with redsnow and wasn’t successfull, anyone can help me
PLEASE!!!!!!!!! the iphone shows me my phone number because of the SIM
insertion, but doesn’t show phone signal, so i cannot make phone calls, now
it seems i have a nice IPOD touch… >=(

zerok000 says:

the iphonetiquicia links dont work anymore…i think…on a side note, im
just wondering if this will help because my wifi is completely greyed out
and says no wifi, bluetooth is also greyed out and i followed the link to
diagnose and im sure its a hardware issue…i hope this works…

cmazenn says:

Thanks it worked for me

LeonEvans says:

Dude you should disconnect everything that isn’t soldered to the motherboard

jeuxfeatures says:

Man just worked absolutely fine!!!! Awesome!! Did this afternoon to my
Iphone 3G BB 06.15.00 3.1.3 FW which kept on saying “unable to join the
network”. Now it joins just fine! Thanks so much!

Niels Heisterkamp says:

Worked for an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4S 🙂 thanks

TheMunett says:

what type of iphone do you have?

beepster100 says:

I was very skeptical of this whole oven reflow method but just tried it
after a year without wifi and works like a charm…now I’m finding networks
faster than before! Thanks for this fix and for sharing your knowledge.

RowdeyinManitoba says:

Still working. Downloaded 14 games. Last temp I did was 415 for 7 min.

amir ijaz says:

my ifone 4s wifi is gred can i try plz give me ans

tommy deagle says:

i tried this on my iphone 3gs and now it doesnt even turn on… any ideas?

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