How to repair your graphics card using the oven

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How do you repair a faulty graphics card? By putting it in the oven! This video shows how it´s done. Music: Amon Tobin – Defocus.


Jean Frechette says:

I heard that if you put the fan of the 470 gtx in the oven that will fix
the noise problem.

Audrius Kundrotas says:

i have same video card as yours, and i connected my pc to TV and it vas ok
for 10 mins ant then there was the same problem as yours, will this cooking
thing repair it?

Daniele Bosso says:

thanks for the video !

Ibrahem Aslan says:

Are you crazy bitch

Audrius Kundrotas says:

it works, but, remember that, if you do this, your video card wont be fixed
always, it will still brake after a while

selumbaa says:

there is a plastic at the power supply for graphic card,it will melt if u
put in the hot oven..

Joe jo says:

I think I am having graphic card issues everytime when i try to play games,
run furmark, or even trying to use the microsoft rating my comp just
crashes with an pixelated screen. I already tried everything from
reformatting my os, update drivers, use older drivers. Do you think it is
worth it for me to try this?

ModernVince says:

It worked!

xxxr00txxx says:

@Laughin9M4N no, just paper towels and q-tips for the hard to reach areas

Rajwinder Singhbal says:

will this work if microwave oven?

SuperCarZ FaN says:

why u don’t say “Yeay it worked!”???

Audrius Kundrotas says:

Thank You 🙂 now my brother wont kill me 🙂

GiwimChannel says:

Comfirm… my friend had done with his GTX 470 and it worked x)

Thế Lê says:

you forgotten to plug in VGA fan :))

alexey kuchinsky says:

it is suicidal!!! but we had some other computer part of the server failed
1 day before “Deadline”, so we ordered new part (2-4 days delivery) and did
put the failed part into the oven…. after 15 minutes server started
again!!!! and we were able to deliver in time. this is not recommendation,
just funny experience. will we do it again???? good question 🙂 🙂

arealbadone says:

No, it will not… the plastics are high temp rated…

Dushan Nestorov says:

I have artefacts on my display with Gygabyte GeForce 8500GT. NOT WORKED. I
must buy new graphic card.

tom duka says:

thats video card PCI or PCI E????

spongeex says:

is this a joke ?

James Crowley says:

I’m just gonna stick my whole computer in there lol

tom duka says:


Quốc Hùng Phạm says:

Good job.

ModernVince says:

Okay ima try this, mine doesn’t have thermal pads do I’m skipping that. In
the meantime, what’s the trippy song!

II Andrew says:

Does this actually work?

masr baladi says:

yeah it worked ! nice jop

Laughin9M4N says:

do you use anything special to remove the grease?

arealbadone says:

Yes, it does…

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