How to repair an over-extended Bosch oven door.

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mark eaves says:

This guy needs to run for public office; wonderful spirit!

Ryan Manning says:

LMAO!!! That’s perfect! Saved me $250 on a hinge repair kit.

Jerilyn Fisher says:

Amazing! For a long time, we’ve used a wooden pole sunk into grooves on the
kitchen tile to keep it closed.What a difference you’ve made. Thanks for
sharing this simple, super helpful tip. 

jodie o says:

I can’t even tell you the headaches you helped us avoid tonight. Thank

Richard Cabrera says:

WOW… Thank you soooooo much for this simple quick fix.. I have a an old
Thermador Gas Range which has the same parts as a Bosch… This Video saved
me a lot of money on the hinge kits..


brendan nolan says:

Magic!! Thank you!

Jayantha Pasdunkorale says:

Nice work!!!! It saved me a lot. A local tradesman’s estimate was around
$200 to replace hinges for my Blanco oven. But I fixed it just in a
minute. Thank you very much!!!! 

renegadehospitality says:

We had a repairman over TODAY who quoted me nearly $900.00 to replace my
Bosch door springs. I did this instead and the door is good as new.

Nicolas thomas says:

thank you sir , you helped us to save money and time a big thanks from my
family 😀

1deryrs says:

AMAZING!!!! saved me sooo much time and money! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

renegadehospitality says:


octane836 says:

You’re a genius, it really works ! Well done that man

Petrina Anderson says:

I love you XXX my oven door has been broken for three years! I have had to
keep it closed by jamming a spoon throught the handle. You fixed it, give
that man a big kiss from me

Jeremy Anderson says:

Hahaha. I love it. I’ve been suffering my oven for two years meaning to
call the repairman and now I can wait another two. Thanks man.

Alsyde cécile says:

Super ,malin,parfait,essai concluant ,astuce qui a fait ses preuves,merci

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