How to Fix Your Rice Cooker

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No need to get rid of your rice cooker. All you need is a new thermal fuse. Less than $2.00. Please visit another video of mine to fight for a better world. …


Dave Smith says:

Thanks for the tip! just what I needed for our poor old rice cooker. Radio
Shack here I come. 

Chris Pope says:

so we just moved to Paris, France and brought a new Zojirushi rice cooker
with us… I knew it needed to have power conversion from 220 down to 110,
but unfortunately the converter I used did not work, and the rice cooker
“flashed out”.

Does anyone know if the thermal fuse saved the rest of the rice cooker
(thermal element and electronics)? or am i totally screwed?

Trad Cell says:

Good video, keep it up! Btw Which rice cooker did you show in the video?

Raghav Sharma says:

hahahah… coool
My rice cooker is disengaging while cooking.. any suggestions?
I gotta tell you, you have great smile 🙂 

ronald benag says:

very cute technician and simple beauty nice!

rockstarrist says:

HOW to open the bottom? They have got some weird looking screws that won’t
fit with a normal screwdriver… Normal screw: == ; this one: =-= .. so
reguar screwdrivers can not remove it ! Brand: Black and Decker. 

CreativityAtWorst says:

I have thermal fuse/thermal cut off of 192 degrees Celsius… Should I
replace it with same or with the next one that is 216 degrees Celsius(thats
the closest one I found which is higher in ebay/amazon)

rumvodkaf1 says:

She’s so hot!!

atulkumar1779 says:


Arstrain says:

same broke black decker here, Thanks for the info! :)

coconutcenter says:

ta ta ta today junior! holy crap spit it out lady.

Shelley Lebel says:

You saved me some money so I can fix it instead of buying a new one!

John Doe says:

Thank you very much. My fuse was hidden inside a white fabric tube.

Roshan Khan says:

You didn’t mention where can I buy the “thermal fuse” from.

Onyx88Ink says:

Hi! I have only 2 settings on my rice cooker ( warm and cook ) but when I
push the button down it doesnt switch to cook. Its stuck on warm and I’m
not sure why. Is this an issue with the fuse as well?

aznpimp182 says:

hey i have the premium deluxe rice cooker… the bottom has one screw…
but i dont know how to take it out

En-Chieh Chao says:

What kind of cookers are yours, and What the hell really happened? You
gotta recall “the crime scene” step by step in order to figure out the
reason….like a detective. 🙂

En-Chieh Chao says:

Also just want to add that, remember, don’t let the inner/bottom parts of
the cooker touched by WATER! WATER is the natural enemy of many good rice
cookers. Bon chance!

xhorsewhipx says:

Ms Zola Chao, you are awesome!!!!

extrasolidgold says:

i washed my rice cooker and now its not working. i tried to fix it using
your direction but i cannot locate the thermal fuse .please can u help me
locate it. where it is attached and what it looks like because there are
many wires at the back. thanks

En-Chieh Chao says:

you’re welcome!

En-Chieh Chao says:

you’re welcome.

MO says:

WOW!!! You are awesome… Thanks for the help

En-Chieh Chao says:

General principle to keep in mind, folks!! Make sure you are NOT getting
the heating elements WET!!!!!!!! NEVER wash the body of the external rice
cooker!!! Only the internal pot can be washed!!! Make sure the external
part of the internal pot and the body of cooker are dry before you plug in!
(It’s not that hard, just keep the cooker on the same spot, wipe it with a
piece of cloth before using it) Also, if you have a fuse that has higher
rating, it will resist overheating better! Best of Luck!

En-Chieh Chao says:

Hi~~~hopefully it’s just the fuse, because it’s easy to fix. Radio Shack
website got what you want online.

Gregorio Jr Orajay says:

Thanks a lot from this info’.. ^_^ from Philippines “Maraming Salamat”

je99na2 says:

Wow…. a girl (Cute) that can fix electronics. I Just purchased a
Zojirushi NS-LAC05 and love it. I wish everyone could have one of these

kruger mendoza says:

what if i take out the fuse and connect the wire directly?

Shay Lavender says:

Its okay, I let my neighbors fix it. They checked my place and told me that
the outlet was err grounded. Thank you for your reply. 🙂

En-Chieh Chao says:

You are welcome! Yes, the white fabric tube is insulation! Just take it

Nageswara rao Kankanala says:

Wonderful JOB!!!!… So, when you fix thermofuse, does polarity matters ? I
mean which side should go to which side?

rbchgrl says:

Thank you for this! I was able to fix my Aroma rice cooker 914 arc sbb. It
was given to me by someone that used it ONCE! It was a pain to do because
mine didn’t have the same connections as yours; the ends of the fuse were
crimped together, not just a simple screw-in job. I managed to do it
though, it only took about 30 minutes; this is good considering what I had
to go through! Thanks again! 🙂

Meg'gan Gaumer says:

she did say radio shack…which would be in the US

En-Chieh Chao says:

Do you have photos of the wires? Sometimes wires are covered by white
fabric tube (what I mean by “insulation” in the video). Hope you can find

En-Chieh Chao says:

You can make a video/take some photos of the back of your cookers, so that
I can take a good look?

gerakis1 says:

I didn’t have a fuse so I just soldered the wires together. Not as safe,
but it works again.

money soni says:

add me in your qq 1283348936

rbchgrl says:

Did you try replacing the fuse yet? It worked for me!

Shay Lavender says:

HELP!!! I kinda broke 2 ricecookers in 2 days. I don’t really know what
happened but it was raining, and I was cooking indoors. I thought the other
one broke because of wear and tear, the heating thingy does not heat
anymore so I bought a new one just now and it broke again, the same way the
first one broke while I was cooking rice. I don’t know what to do anymore.
I never had any problems like this before. I had the first one with me for
4 years and I never had problems.Please help! :((

Roshan Khan says:

You didn’t mention where can I buy the “thermal fuse” from. I’m in US. Can
you or anyone please tell me where can I buy one from?

Jaspal Maan says:

Thanks Chao Info is very helpfull

En-Chieh Chao says:

glad to help!

En-Chieh Chao says:

I would say nope! Good luck.

Adyed5 says:

hello, my cooker broke and end up with your video in my search, I have
taken the whole cooker apart, the light will not turn on at all, today I
went to a radio shack and they don’t carry thermal fuse so I have to keep
looking, how can I tell if the thermal fuse is burnt? my thermal fuse is

Juan Alvarez says:

my rice cooker stopped working, I found your video and followed your
instructions and it works NOW!! Thank you!! Greetings from Vancouver!

Mira says:

Valuable info. Fortunate me I found your website accidentally, and I’m surprised why this twist of fate didn’t happened in advance!
I bookmarked it.
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