How to fix oven door that won’t stay shut

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Something broke inside our oven and the door wouldn’t stay shut. It’s a very old Scholtes oven passed down to us from grandparents. I googled but couldn’t fi…

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Bill L says:

I’m going to try this on a 50+ year old substantial commercial oven at a
church (all 4 are broken) I will let you know how this works out. Thanks!

connectedification says:

thank you so much…. ithis helped so much…. FIXED YEAH

cunparis says:

@wanderwonder2 You’re welcome. If you have questions just ask.

wanderwonder2 says:

Thank you for posting this!

Alli Cham says:

Fantastic, it’s people like you that keep the world going around. Thanks 🙂

cunparis says:

We buy the domino thing at any home improvement store in the electrical
wire area. They’re for connecting electrical wires. I really have no idea
why it won’t shut all the way. When our cable broke the door wouldn’t stay
shut, the door would fall open. if yours closes but for one inch then I
think it might be something else. Sorry I don’t have any ideas.

clarity2106 says:

This is great, someone tripped over the oven door last night (new one) and
it closes but for one inch, do you think it’s stretched or broken the
spring? Where can one get the domino from?

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