Gas Oven Won’t Heat – How to Repair

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Learn how to troubleshoot a gas oven and how to replace a failed electric ignitor. Find parts on Amazon:…


Naro G says:

how about you start by cleaning it, that’s just disgusting.


I have replaced the igniter and the safety valve and then reset the plunger
on the gas regulator, on a Frigidaire gas oven. I am able to get a low
blue flame on the oven burners, but it does not respond to the temperature
setting on the dial. What should I look at next? Would this be the
temperature sensor or the regulator? The surface burners on top work well.

victor chavez says:

At 5:36 you saved me soooooo much trouble! Went from using an electric oven
to a gas oven, how was I supposed to know there’s a switch down there?!
Hahaha. Thank you so much!

Mike P says:

Great informative video. Both Broil and Bake igniters glow, but No gas.
Would have loved a better view and explanation relating to the gas
regulator adjustment.

Randy J. Myers says:

Thanks man, you helped alot!

Bradley Lamel says:

Thanks for your help. Boththe broiler and then the oven stopped working.
The broiler igniter was bad. I also think that the gas buildup led to a
shut down of the gas switch. I got the oven working by fliiping the switch
and now I’m ordering the new igniter. Thanks again, this was empowering!

K Colberg says:

I would like to see how you removed the igniter as it seems impossible to
get to.

Bait Guru says:

Question was asked How do you get the two screws under the ignitor out!?
My GE (Model JGBP30GEP1AD) had screws and not the bolts. Solution. That
gas tube, simply comes out if you remove the screw located on the bracket
(mark 3:43 in the video at the bottom of the screen you will see the head
of that little bolt sticking out of the burner/tube)) attached to the
front. In the back of the oven,(if you oven has the defuser plate then you
will also have the bracket) just move the burner/ fuel tube to the side of
the defuser bracket and lift up where you will find that the igniter will
come up with burner/the fuel tube. Just make sure when you replace, that
the fuel tube fits over the brass gas intake in the back of the broiler
area. Gas naturally rises up through the burner tube, and if doesn’t go
into the tube, you could have a a major gas leak.

paparoni100 says:

thanks very clear and useful.

David Hernandez says:

my ligniter didnt light or turn ready its was working just fine then turned
off 4 a min and never turned on again 

David Hernandez says:

what happen if ur lite doesnt lite ur poilet

Vladam7 says:

I did not like the video. He did not show how to get those screws with no
space at all. What tools did he use?

Mike Mohn says:

I have a bottom broiler, and neither the oven nor the broiler is lighting.
The stove burners work fine.

ThreeBigRoosters says:

How did you get the bolts for the igniter out? This is where I’m stuck.

rich6532 says:

This is a great video. It was exactly the same problem as my gas oven. It
was easy to follow along and fix my oven. I had to order my part with
Whirlpool. Once again good job Tomahawk DIY. 

MrMac5150 says:

These people are pigs, just look at that stove top.

myviews says:

I have a kitchen Aid do you have video on this one??

77angiebaby says:

we have something like that but we have a big problem can you help us?
tomhawk diy

Kay Jay says:

Thanu this tottaly helped me with my Hotpoint oven…spot on…the tpp
broiler works well the bottom doesnt heat or anything. i though i would
have needed a lighter but not for that. gas stove works well too. one day i
cut on the oven and when the oven door closed it made a loud blow from
inside which sounds like when you light the stove burner using a
match…whcih should not my thoughts were is was about to soon konk

ikillhalo1 says:


Huan Nguyen says:

thank you so much for making this video. i haven’t tried using my oven for
18 years! i’m finally going to try to fix it since it is my parents’ oven.

Russ Renbarger says:

@5:10 fixed mine!

DetectorOCD says:

Thanks for doing this! These kind of videos are what makes Youtube an
actual valuable resource.

Kelly DeSorbo says:

“hi, my ge true temp model jgbp40beh2w is not lighting. The stove top
burners light but the oven and broiler do not light. The oven cleaner
works??? Please help trouble shoot!! It worked fine last night!! I just
dont get why both the oven and broiler dont light but oven cleaner works???
Thank you!!”

Russ Renbarger says:


rifdaddy7676 says:

Thnx so much. very problem was the “safety switch”. u saved me
at least 50bucks in home visit fees plus any other charges. its been 2
years since i used my stove and it was jus a lil switch.AMAZING!

Heidi Thomson says:

GREAT VIDEO!! Now I can get back to baking for my kids and husband and not
have to pay for some one to come out and charge me an arm and leg ^_^
Thanks your a life saver and saying what everything was while you were
working helped me alot too.

SHRIKE427 says:

Great video !!… Great narration, nice work, Thanks !!…

Scott Montgomery says:

Well that’s just great. The part of the video where I would like to see how
you got to those bolts is edited out. Thanks for absolutely nothing.

erios925 says:

How do you get the two screws under the ignitor out!?

mpmajer says:

Thank you! My oven is now working because of this video.

nickelly7440 says:

This was exactly what i was looking for to fix my new oven. I’m going to
try it myself and see if I can save my $50 service charge. Thank you for
the detailed video!


do much info get to the point. and all ways un plug the oven when
disconnecting wires you can short the gas vavle.

Tomahawk DIY says:

It was a real pain. I used a socket without the handle attached and just
twisted with my fingers. Not easy to do. I think I tried using a very small
socket set and a very small pair of pliers before realizing I needed to do
it with my fingers.

Nikki Scheller says:

It would be a good idea to unplug the range, as I received a shock prying
off the blade connection.

Neil D'Andria says:

Great Video…I am having a problem with the exact model you have in the
video. The only difference is that neither broiler or oven won’t ignite.
Stove top works fine. What should I be focusing on?

Tomahawk DIY says:

A viewer asked: need help with oven burner not lighting igniter works
fine, broiler works fine. oven burner wont light. Response: be certain that
both ignitors work – in this oven there is one for the top (broiler) and
one for the bottom (oven). If both are working, it may be an issue with the
gas line to the oven burner or a problem with the controls or valve that
supplies gas to the oven burner when you turn it on. Good luck!

Shirley Daniels says:

I have an XL44 self cleaning gas range model# RGB745WEA2WW and Seral#
FV238702P my oven will not heat the broiler and the stove top work fine
what is wrong and how can i fixit thank you.

Robin Fivecoat says:

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