Fix Almost Any Laptop Video Card for Free “Oven Trick”

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DO NOT DO THIS if your Laptop Video is Working!!! Watch me repair my Acer 8930G laptop video card Nvidia Geforce 9600m by sticking it in the oven at 385 degr…


Maulerw says:

Emphasis on “last resort”

Ie, if its rooted you may as well anyway.

10 buck laptop cooler stands are worth it. Get one for your gaming console
also. Thermal stress is one of the biggest killers of all compact high
performance devices.

moviemakerwannabe says:

how long did the fix last?

nizmo64 says:

i repaired my sony vaio at home using a heat gun over the graphics chip

Maulerw says:

This works by ‘remelting’ the solder, which there is presumably a problem

You want to let it heat up slowly, and cool down slowly. I would NOT
recommend putting it straight in the hot oven, put it in then heat it up.

Likewise, let it cool in the oven, just open the door a crack and leave it
for 10 mins before removing.

This will give best results as the whole issue in the first place is
heating / cooling at too fast a rate.

D Ols says:

If that doesn’t work, stick the whole computer with video card into the
oven for 10 minutes. at 400 Degrees 🙂 Bon appetit!

Kabuki Joe says:

Sadly, this is just a Band-Aid fix. Soon as the solder fractures again,
it’s back into the oven! 

patrick doolet says:

Advice from Christopher Walkin lol

homerlovedonuts says:

i tried mine in the oven, but ate it because it smelt like bacon.

chris simmons says:

Did this to an Acer 7740 g desoldered the 5650 and stuck a 6870m on it oven
cooked it after flowing the solder boots right up. Maxes battlefield 3 

tamiyak says:

If this doesn’t work guys, 5 mins in the microwave should fix a stubborn
gpu 😉 

zeeman707 says:

well… you could start by not rubbing your fingers all over it

Daniel Correia says:

I have same problem, but the laptop turn on the fan turn on one thing dosnt
turn on is the screen what could be?

Thos Parkouristas says:

i have an hp g62 and an amd card on it. If i install the drivers of the amd
graphics card the screen becomes black so i use it with the intel hd
graphics. If i put the graphics card in the oven it will start working

Mike Hammer says:

It works.Just fixed my HP EliteBook. Thanks

Meerkat a says:

Are you gonna use your oven to bake food after this “treatment”? Lol

charlieandmemakefun says:

i did this to my xps m1710’s video card. it only lasted for a few weeks
though and I had to do it again. then again only lasted a few weeks

Matthew Smith says:

im sorry to brake this to you but if there is a ticking its comeing from
your hdd(hard drive) onless your useing a sdd. there are no moveing parts
in a gpu. not trying to cut you down just thout i would let you know. i
been working on computers for 150 years so i know what im talking
about.(thats a joke)

filip borren says:

With my videocard there is some plastic on it

RoShAnOWNEDyou says:

you forgot thermal paste on the chip.

ExoticMl123 says:

Graphic card caught on fire…. It was pretty since it sucks :D

TheFisherStereo says:

I did this oven trick on my HP DV7 motherboard which have been dead for a
year …..until I came across this YT oven trick.

Here’s what I did ——-

-Took the MB out.
-Place on the MB on a metal tray (bake 285 ) then when it hit the temp
settle there for 10 minutes
– Turn off the oven and open door and leave it cool down for about an hour.
– Return MB and quick test if it is alive –whoah! amazing…the reflow
process works!
– Then wrap the surrounding of the AMD chip with Kapton tape ( high temp)
– Insert a 1979 one cent silver coin and add thermal paste on the AMD
graphics chip…this will fix and replace the original thermal tape design
(lousy design)
– Mount all the screws and restore all the plastic cover.
– Test again and laptop have been restored..running better and heat is
being transfer efficiently to the copper tubing heatsink more effectively.
-It’s been running for more than 1 month now playing high end graphics pc
game (LFD-2 & CS ) on Steam servers….
– I’m leaving it on further to make sure the fix is permanent and looks
like it is.
– The original issue was the poor heat transfer of the video chip which
more likely is melting the solder balls causing it malfunction. The copper
coin fills the gap and conducts the heat effectively.

– Thanks a lot to ProvenHelper low cost effective advise…you save my
laptop loaded with games.

-If it ever conks out….I’ll let everyone know…Cheers!

Angelos21283 says:

once you bought new gpu why didnt you bought a better one like ati 4650 1gb
i had same issues with an older laptop acer 5920g and from 256mb 8600
nvidia upgraded to ati 4650 1gb.
keep my tip, its free ;)

zecebolabatata says:

just fixed my pc today ,it works ppl

floris kort96 says:

Seems legit

Mc Crnjo says:

I have a hp625 laptop and the motherboardn is dead can i buy new
mothernoard or should i cook the motherboard i have =)

Paul Rowe says:

why buy a new one if u could just oven trick ya old one 

ProvenHelper says:

@marko3296 Let me know how it goes.

DrSchredder says:

this doesn´t melts anything. heating the solder results in expansion and
therefore the circuits connecting again temporary. but this lasts normally
3 months at the maximum.

KB1UIF says:

A lot of video circuits are part of the mother board. So this is not
possible without cooking the whole mother board which I don’t recommend.

Nick Diaz says:

lmfao, this is halarious. I am not willing try it and my video has been
going strong now for 3 years. got a 9700m. Do you think thought it be
possible upgrade the 9700m to something a bit more powerful?

marko3296 says:

is this for real!! I have the same laptop with the same problem, including
the ticking noise

HaffTonne says:

Yeah I’m 99% sure that the GPU went on it, no POST, no HMDI Output, the
primary drive works fine (second hard drive I had in it died at the same
time, it appears). Regardless, the laptop was 5 years old, I’m satisfied
with that I got out of it, having been used nearly every day since the day
I bought it, and was my gaming computer during university.

marko3296 says:

I just did and it didnt work for me but atleast i know whats wrong with it.
A computer shop wanted to charge me about 400 dollars for a power supply
PCB. Could you just tell me how i can find a model or a part number for the
card as i dont want to buy a wrong one. 8930g seams to have a couple of
different versions… Tthanks


ofcourse Farenheit lol…. 385 ¨Celsius will burn that bitch away

Ryu Shihou says:


Aaron Bethea says:

I tried the oven trick with my DELL XPS M1330 laptop with a malfunctioning
NVIDIA graphics card. The laptop booted, but the screen was BLEEDING,
literally. After the oven trick, it works good as new. But it just crashed
on me today… it rebooted just fine. But i realize now that the fix is
only temporary.

Coolartdood says:

It looks like you shined it

ProvenHelper says:

This is a last resort type of thing. To upgrade your laptop video card you
have to match the same architecture of the old one. People do it, just not
that many.

myvwvr6 says:

Greatly appreciate your video. I have aspire 8920g. Always shuts down on
its own and has weird ticking sound. However when I put it on safe mode,
everything is ok. I guess my video card broke, but I ain’t sure. I don’t
know whether I should try it. Any suggestion?

ProvenHelper says:

@myvwvr6 Hmm… Do you have another operating system that you could try
installing? My Laptop came with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Maybe the
graphics driver from Windows 7 is causing the problem. Uninstall all
graphics drivers while in safe mode and use another computer to get the
proper graphics driver from Acer for Windows 7 and put it on a USB drive.
Then try to install that driver after a reboot into normal mode if it works.

Mark Bárbara says:

Hey mate, had the same problem as you… Same laptop (8930g), blue light
wouldnt turn on and the same clicking sound. Tried your solution twice with
no luck :< Good video though, most people dont know about this but it does make sense since its how they work in making these things in the first place. (heat wise :P)

azwan azrul says:

Ooo this is so cool 😀 Thanks for sharing!

forza paintz says:

I have the same problems I have the same 8930 acer but blue lights are on
when i turn it on I think i have some heating problems … i have to leave
the laptop for few minutes till its warm …. !! it shows me Double screen
aswell I think i have to replace card fast !! ( HELPP)

Ryan Taylor says:

Does it say the model number on the GPU.

Brendin Lloyd says:

Every single laptop is different. Some you have to strip down to the very
bottom before being able to access vital components. Some graphics cards
are also build directly into the motherboard so you cannot pull it out by

ProvenHelper says:

If I understand what you are trying to say… I would look up the exact
graphics card that came with my laptop, then I would buy the exact same
type whether it’s MXM or MXM II or whatever. Hope that helps.

aarongaming100 says:

as last resort

gonfishin077 says:

have a 6yr old acer aspire im about to do this to hope it works

ProvenHelper says:

I would buy the exact replacement of what you have right now to ensure
compatibility, unless you read a write up somewhere on the internet, where
they started out with your video card and swapped to something better and
it worked.

kotd009 says:

next we will talk about how to fix your motherboard using a microwave and

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