Electric Range/Stove Repair: How To Troubleshoot and Repair Burner Elements And Switches

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In This http://ApplianceAssistant.com Video, Learn How To Troubleshoot and Repair Electric Range Burner Elements! How to Fix Electric Stove Burner Elements T…


RODALCO2007 says:

Great video.

newyota1 says:

ok-thanks-do you have the part number for the LF element?It may be that one

Peter Lake says:

I have a counter-top stove.
had a short in one of my burner plugs. Blew a hole right in it.
I replaced the plug but the element still doesn’t heat. I swapped elements
with another burner so it’s not the element that’s defective.
Is there an internal fuse in the stove? The indicator light comes on but no
juice to the burner.

yveylise says:

I have a conventional stove top with 4 coil burners, all of which have
stopped working but there does not appear to be a breaker that has flipped.
Just in case, we flipped the main breaker off and back on with no result.
What else should we look at?

Raybo sflorida says:

just seen 2 different whirlpool model stoves with glass top elements
glow red then cut off, for about 10 sec then glow red again,then cutoff
again,why ??? cant cook popcorn or boil water,thanks!!! heard its a flaw in
design and cant be fixed

Barry Goodman says:

I once thought that the entire cooktop had to be replaced when one burner
failed. Thanks to this video, I’ve fixed/replaced burner switches and/or
burner elements on mine and some of my neighbors glass-top stoves easily
and quickly, saving them and me plenty of money in service calls in the
process. Thanks.

Stephen Joseph says:

GREAT VIDEO.. i want to know what a spill ring of a heat plate?.. please
clear my doubt 

Abel Rodriguez Sr. says:

Hi! applianceassistant The only thing that work`s on my Electric range is
the clock nothen else turns on.

Patrick Henry says:

Here’s one for you, I have a whirlpool RF385PXE range. One of the large top
burners won’t keep a constant temperature. I’ve replaced the infinite
switch to no avail. Take yesterday for instance. I was cooking a large pot
of spaghetti sauce. I had it fairly high originally to brown the onions.
But then turned it down to 3 to simmer once I had the tomatoes and some of
the other ingredients in the pot. I sat down at my desk to do a few things
and the next thing i know it’s boiling out all over the floor. The element
was red hot like it was on high. Any idea what could be causing this?

Fabrice Henssens says:

This video is very informative. I have a LG electric glass stove top. The
main (largest) burner is only partially heating up. The outer ring is
heating up but not the inner rings. Do you know what could be the cause of

Hoang Tran says:

Hi, I was wondering how much it costs to replace two of these elements if
we were to do it by ourselves? Our is Kenmore glass top stove brand….we
have big one and small one that died….the person wants to charge us $400
Canadian dollars to do this job…is it worth it?

Thank you

Frank Gonzalez says:

Hi, great video !! I have a problem with a switch and burner turning itself
on and off by itself. I am scared that it can cause a fire if we leave a
towel or something near by when we are not in. I have a Frigidaire electric
stove, warmer and oven model # PLEFMZ99GCD. the switch is the one on the
furthest right when you look at the back of the stove which tuns on the
bridge heating element. How do I fix this issue? should I change the left
element control switch ? Or is it something else ?

Milan Kuljanin says:

Hi applicantassistant. I have a whirlpool gold and my electric burner
stopped working but the bridge burner work that is located right beside it.
Do i need to change the element since the bridge works or could it be the
infinite switch?

linearco says:

What a great video…!! any thoughts with 1 out of the 3 burners not
working? I get a power reading on the 3 operational burners, but no reading
at all on the bad one. Any suggestions? 

Buddy Sherrill says:

I have a frigidaire FEF357BAWA all burners turn off as they should except
for the broiler burner. It stays on when switch is off but puts out very
little heat, will heat to correct temp when cooking but never cools all the
way down could you help me with this issue?

jack brown says:

Great video, I have a magic chef and the right front element does not heat
up. The element is good and I am not getting power to the element
receptacle, but the red stove light comes on when I turn on the knob.
Although the stove light comes on, can it still be the infinite switch? any
ideas would be helpful….Thanks

jw black says:

Very nice instructions, you guys are the best. Thanks

Patty Ortiz says:

my flat top stove will not turn on only thing that works is the clock

James Milks says:

I have a Kitchen Aid YKESA907PS00 glass top and the front two burners work
intermittently. The Sears repair guy came and said it would be $880 for the
infinite switch + installation. Uh, no. So I am hoping to do this myself.
On one, the indicator light just flashes quickly and the burner never comes
on. The other comes on but “clicks” and the burner works fine sometimes,
and not others. I have seen switch replacement parts from $41 to $110, and
am confused why there are both parts/prices, when the parts look the same.

Any advice appreciated.

Steve Isaacs says:

I have an electric oven that turns on, the fan starts running (it’s a
slide-in range in an island), but after about 30 seconds, it shuts off.
Same with the broiler. The elements seem fine, because the broiler has
just enough time to start giving off heat before it shuts off. The stove
top works just fine. Click works fine, all the dials & buttons work fine,
etc. I took the oven temp sensor out & had it tested, and it came back
within the normal range. Any idea on what could be the culprit? Thanks in
advance for any guidance – trying to save $100 plus on buying a new one!

newyota1 says:

My model # is ACF4225AC

Lien Le says:

Thank you very much. You shined my day. I’ve just reset the range circuit
breaker and it worked. Awesome video. Thanks and thanks.

newyota1 says:

one of my indicator lights on my glass top stove will not go out when the
burner on left rear cools off unless I tap on the glass top.Any ideas?

Christine Estrada says:

I have a maytag glass top electric stove. The burners and oven do not heat
up, but, there is power to the function pad and clock. Is there a reset
button or a fuse in/ on the unit? 

Christian Ambrocio says:


adnan fnaish says:

You forgot a very imp. applince which is the microwave.

Peetey Wheatstraw says:

No. Not at the same time. It’s usually one or the other that gets hot. 

jaspreet singh says:

Hi, I like your video as my glass top range is going to some problem.
The problem “I have Glass top range, one of its Burner shuts off early not
reaching the desired heat and that is the bigger burner we use most.” Need
your assistance to fix this.

FreddyT62 says:

Great video, keep up the great work, Thanks for taking your time to help

938quilt says:

I have a Kenmore stove top that’s about 10 or 11 yrs old and today I
noticed the ‘unit on’ indicator light was on a little bit – not the fully
bright circle that usually shows when a unit is on but just deeper down and
it flickered a bit. The indicator showing which burner is hot showed
nothing. I used the main burner and it lit up fully and the indictator
showing that burner was hot was lit fully as well. There’s no way I’m
messing with electricity even with this helpful video but I’m wondering if
there’s reason for concern here. nothing feels hot but that darned itty
bitty light is bugging me. After using the burner and turning it off it did
disappear completely for a while then when I went back to cleaning the
kitchen I noticed it back and that’s when I noticed if I tapped near it it
would flicker a bit but more like the position not going on and off. sorry
if this doesn’t make sense but I’m not sure who to even call to fix a stove
of if it’s even worth fixing – I could probably get a new one installed
cheaper than fixing this one.

Steven Champeau says:

Hi I have a coil electric burner stove and only one front burner works,
what would cause three burners to shut down but one still working

Peetey Wheatstraw says:

Great great video!! I have a Frigidaire Galleria and the two front burners
on each side won’t heat up to red level although they still get warm. What
do think the issue is? Thoughts?

Cheryl Hanson says:

I have a small 20″ electric oven/stove. The oven works but all 4 ranges
don’t work and the display lights don’t either. Any advice????thank u in

larry mcgarry says:

f 10 error code? what is it and how do i fix it? i just need it plane
and simple

m dopera says:

Great video!! Fixed the stove top just before Christmas. I am now my wife’s
hero. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

JJH1534 says:

Great Video. I have a GE Profile Range Model PCB969SR1SS None of the
stove top elements heat up. The lights indicate that they are on but no
heat. Everything on the range is working. Any suggestions? There is a
15amp breaker button on the top back but have no idea how to reset it as I
can find no instructions on this. Have reset the house power breaker to
the range with no changes.

bjtjmadd says:

I am having a scary problem.I turned the burner on today and saw a red ring
around the outside into the middle of the glass?1/2 the burner? I think
those are wires? We just replaced the element with a brand new one and is
working great for 2 months now until tonight? Still works great ,but wow
scary? Is that the wire to it I am seeing? It is glowing red just like the
element? What happened? Bad problem or not? Thanks 

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