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strangle hold is not owned by me it was placed here as part of this video to enhance the video as well as promote a great musical legend. the video is a part…


David Phillips says:

tell me you are not clamping the vice grips to ways please not do that to
the ways

daveknowshow says:

funny the things we see in videos that drive us nuts and make us cringe. I
seen a video on “coin rings” the person used the punch and die set from
H.F. set the coin in to punch the hole and installed the die backwards
slamming the cutting edge with the hammer and the tappered edge was driven
through the die. needless to say it works but stretches the material and
ruins the dies cutting edge. but hey we all have to learn at our own pace.
still just drives me nuts to watch though. lol

daveknowshow says:

actually clamping a piece of clear neopreme just at the carriage because at
the time I did not have a carriage stop. lol scared ya didnt I! ha ha! to
funny. it worked ok but wore out quick. my new stop is made of aluminum
with steel bolts but has brass inserts that actually contact the ways. I
still worry I will scratch it as I tighten the brass. even though these
ways are far from perfect. the guy I bought my southbend from worked at
reynolds so I ended up with all kinds of plastics and alum.

ZMB KLR says:

Lol I saw that and I was OH MY GOD!

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