All-Clad Slow Cooker FAIL!!!

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BUYERS BEWARE!!! A $200 appliance that will not last more than 2 years! Watch my 2-minute video testimonial detailing why I will never buy another All-Clad e…


manhoot says:

And back in the 70’s, things were made here, not outsourced to the cheapest
bidder in China.

Ashley Dupuis says:

Same thing just happened with mine! 🙁 Customer service is sending me a
shipping label to send product off for repair as a “courtesy” bc my
warranty is up….I’ve literally used the thing maaaaaaybe twice. I asked
the CS rep if they were having any of the same issues post repair since I
explained to her that I’ve read that several people have had the same issue
as I and I’d like to know that the issue is remedied for good. She told me
that there was no widespread issue with the slow cooker…hmmm, I guess you
are all lying then! Anyway, my question to you all is, do you have any
issues with the product post repair?

Kyle Hazen says:

Same thing just happened to me. Not happy and glad it wasn’t just me.

sem619 says:

This just happened to me too. What a rip!

steve degroot says:

Just happened to me, 01-04-2014. What a rip off!

Ji An says:

First of all, Welcome home, soldier! I had All Clad Slow Cooker, too. My
problem was its ceramic insert. It kept cracking even in low temperature. I
tried roast, chili, stew and soup. No matter what, it cracked. Fortunately
All Clad was great to replace the insert at no charge. However, after the
3rd insert I got myself a not-so-high-tech old fashioned slow cooker and I
have never had any problem with it.

MsTheBow says:

that sucks dude. sorry…

Phyllis Pilewski says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this! I definintely will go
with another brand because I don’t want to pay that much and not be treated
fairly by the company. All-Clad definitely should have replaced yours since
it had been used so few times.

MaddogCapt11 says:

I have the identical problem. It will be the last All-Clad product I ever
buy. I will not do business with a company that does not stand by its
products especially when it involves an obvious defect. There was no
accidental or intentional abuse, and it still looks like it came right out
of the box–until it is plugged in. For All-Clad: Every opportunity I have,
I will tell people about the poor quality of your products and your failure
to stand behind them.

Amanda Dittmer says:

I had the same problem, bought an expensive insert only to have it happen
again. When i contacted All-Clad they would not back it up, stating i must
have dropped it! (cracks are on the inside). very poor customer service!

Brent Stickels says:

Same neat problem here. Worked great 2weeks ago, now the display does
essentially the same thing. And hey, “Made in China.”

kissy02199 says:

i have the same problem with this slow cooker and Williams Sonoma exchange
another one for me.

Susan Joiner says:

Good news! I just called All Clad and they are sending me a prepaid
shipping label and extended my warranty to cover this problem. You will
need the full ref # from the bottom of the cooker. The customer service #
is 1-800-255-2523. I hope this helps those of you with the same problem.

Susan Joiner says:

Same thing happened to me! Thanks, its nice to know that I am not alone.

818cps says:

Was going to buy one then I saw your video. Thanks for the info and I am
staying away fromAll Clad.

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