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Troubleshooting four inverter microwaves. [...]
Replaced a blown light bulb in our microwave oven & some EPIC Scrapyard scores!!!!!! [...]
In this appliance repair adventure, Samurai Appliance Repair Man reveals trade secrets for testing the high-voltage rectifier (also called a diode) used in m... [...]
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We viewed a youtube video that helped us repair our microwave door, but it lacked an element of the repair that we were able to record ourselves...how to sna... [...]
When a microwave just isn't worth repairing, they are still worth some value, entertainment value. I hope you enjoy my master technician - G-the-gansta fishe... [...]
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If you want something doing right then don't call this guy - but if you want something doing shite then this guy is just the ticket! [...]