CES 2014 Smart Home Appliances

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CES 2014 Smart Home Appliances More Information : http://www.LGNewsroom.com/CES2014/ Follow LG on : http://www.LG.com http://twitter.com/LGUS http://www.face…


James Robertson says:

and it got worse…

Alltair4774 says:

I am realy excited! Great ideas and fantasic show 🙂 Go forward LG 🙂 THUMB

James Robertson says:

it’s not good until the washer communicates with the dryer, and the fridge
chats with the stove…or the bot went and got the dress, put it in the
washer …

James Robertson says:

ok…1 minutes in and i wanna leave

Marick Thompson says:

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could push a button and a song started playing
and all your house appliances started dancing with you. lol

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