Best Oven Fries Recipe! – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 773

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Laura in the Kitchen says:
Vonny Erich says:

Going to try to make these without a non stick pan. let’s see how they turn

The Chiappas says:

We like tossing these in smoked paprika for a different taste 

Totally Sacha says:

I need these in my life !! My beach body diet starts on Monday . . . . .
Darn it, keep saying that 🙂 Sx 

simplyshama says:

alternative to vegetable oil?

Mikili maric says:

My GOD I’we made to top 10 for first time in my life ( i’m 105 btw :)))

Richard root says:

Can you do this with sweet potatoes?

Tanvi07 says:

Pls make fried ice cream

Judith Baker says:

I’m already getting anxiety that she’s going to run out of recipes one day
and I’ll never see her again :(

Logic Labs says:

What if you do not have a microwave?

alicia ned says:

Is that the only shirt you own?

rocco alex says:

baked….but doused in oil…go without the oil, you don’t need it

Superstarjade says:

Garlic fries & plum tart 

Starpurple111 says:

HI! I really want to try this recipe i dont have a microwave what should i

Mr99aznman says:

Baked onion rings by any chance?

itsddashrock says:

I’m like a french fryaholic and this helps my addiction, great video as
usual Laura!

Barry Lewis says:

Love it great recipe

Art Giving says:

يممممي مرة 

TheWolfePit says:

Very nice, crispy and healthy! YUM!

linds1986 says:

Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!

VasseurBeauty says:

made these tonight — and OMG SO tasty!!! Quite possibly the best fries
i’ve ever had… yes, that good. thank you! <3

Grandma CheapCheap says:

good recipe.

Horses_are_my_life123 says:


punchdrunkflame says:

yay, oven fries! I love this technique as opposed to frying because you
control how much fat you’re putting into the potatoes. I use olive oil most
of the time because I love the flavor, but sometimes I’ll use a cooking
spray instead and that works well too! 😀

freshly grated parmigiano is a godsend to homemade fries. started doing it
last year and haven’t looked back since.

Thë Öther says:

Laura, have you ever tried poutine before? It may look gross, but it’s
simple and so delicious. It’s a Canadian dish, you should try it :-)

Cheryl lovesRobert says:

Oh thank you they sound wonderful. I will have to make them. When I use
your recipes im always so pleased. Thank you for sharing. 

denverjim1955 says:

What a great recipe! I love fries but they’re so greasy! I’ll have to try
this recipe, thanks Laura!

DustinCooking says:

Those look so good!!!! :D

amy cronk says:

this is literally the same as her other oven baked fries…except different

legion999 says:

These look very fancy, Laura

sadiejosiemom says:

Those looks sooo good!!

jano says:


Phaedime de Lange says:

That is a great tip: pre-heating (and dehydrating) them in the microwave.

Jinmago says:

The look awesome. Especially for the small amount of time they take.
Have you tried out Heston Blumenthal’s triple-cooked Chips recipe?

Maitha Vogue says:


Jinger Yeoh says:

The cruuuuunchhh!


I know whats for lunch today thanks Laura 

SushiLover1990 says:

looks amazing!

Jill Karen says:

I could smash those down right now! Yummmmm

katcatgr88 says:

Thanx Laura!! Does anyone know what’s the equivalent of a russet potato in
the UK? I can’t find russet potatoes here!

Lorena Valdez says:

Doing this tomorrow o_Oo_O

Idell Brightmon says:

Hello laura great recipe as always you looked beautiful I was wondering if
you have a great watermelon salad for the summer that could feed a family
of four? And do you have a line of dishes or pots on your website that I
could purchase thank you so much have a wonderful day and I hope you have
fun in Italy visiting your family much love ♥

Emy Rtb says:

thank you laura for the recipe, i’m definitely going to try it
I also like to coate the fries with a sauce that i make: it’s just some
vinigar, shoped garlic, salt and pepper :)

Kristen Peterson says:

Thank you for this!!!!!

Spanish Cooking says:

mmmm very nice alternative to traditional french fries. Questa ricetta è
molto inteligente. Complimenti Laura!!!

laijad says:

These fries remind me of the ones they make at hopdoddy here in Austin tx

Cora Quiroz says:

That crunch! Omg I love crunchy things…I wonder if this would work as
good with sweet potatoes…hmmm I shall try. Thanks for the idea! Or method
as you say. 🙂 

millerhomelife says:

Can’t wait to try this!!!

Ara Keffer says:

Please make a sweet tea using honey!!

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