What Is High-Functioning Autism? | Autism

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OMGitsMoose says:

Is this a video teaching us how to be autistic?

Jokes aside, I’m good friends with someone who has mild autism. Her social
skills are severely lacking. Despite this deficiency, she is quite
intelligent, speaks eloquently, and possess very nice memory of events that
happened a long time ago (events that I may or may not recall). She’s not
only just a nice person. That would be too unrealistic. She can be
demanding, insulting, and “dark.” She’s a normal person like everyone else
and I treat her accordingly. I can be supportive and really critical of her
actions. I love her a lot. I’m going to tell her that now.

jillian norris says:

My brother has high functioning Autism, OCD ,ADD, and more. He is Crazy he
demands things alot, he makes death threats to my parents and swears at my
family a lot, he’s incredibly Rude and ungrateful MY LIFE IS HELL and I’m
only 11 and he’s 13 and he’s 6 feet tall.

Alex Coe says:

Your watching this video but your not because your reading the comments.

Maximilian Gropper says:

I have Aspergers which high functioning autism 

Enzo Pallette says:

No views?

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