UNBOXING!! MAC, Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone & more!

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Ricilicious says:

Machst du eigentlich noch deutsche Videos? 

Naiade33 says:

Hello Julia 🙂 I have been following you for a few years, loved your
Holidaze vlogs and the health videos you used to do. I have learned a bit
more from you thanks to your “Draw my life” video and sometimes I feel like
you are too clever to only be doing beauty videos. Please do not take it in
a bad way, you are one of my favourites beauty gurus 🙂 but you seem to be
by far the most intelligent, educated and refined. I just hope that this
fulfils you. And if not, you can do anything you want because you are so
great 🙂 Have a lovely week, bisous bisous 🙂 

Lisa Maria Moór says:

ich liebe deine Unboxing Videos 🙂 ich warte jedes mal schon darauf und
freue mich jedes mal wenn ich eins in der Abo Box entdecke *-* liebe grüße,
Lisa Maria 

Alisa Mustermann says:

Warum machst du eigentlich englische Videos und keine Deutschen ?

Anita Heart says:

Just curious…does she pay anything for these boxes or do brands just send
her all this makeup for review? 

RainDrop Rainbow says:

YAY Random question but are you going to see 50 Shades of Grey ?

souka spring says:

Is she german or swiss?

Tanja W. says:

Hallo Julia, tolles Video, wie immer 🙂 Was für einen wunderschönen
Liedschatten trägst Du hier? 

Sandi P says:

Hi Julia ! Happy new year. Great video!!!

Ysabel B says:

Also zumindest hier in Deutschland ist Lightscapade im Standardsortiment 🙂

Katie Donaldson says:

It would be so great if Mac made there limited edition packages with
removable products and included a magnet. So you could use the product and
reuse the packaging

Polymnia S says:

I am addicted to your videos! I especially enjoyed the vlogmas that you did
this year!

Ľubomíra Pecháčová says:

I love how honest you are with all of your reviews, constructive criticism
is so rare these days with the majority of the bloggers just raving and
‘loving so much’ everything they got sent.. at least someone tells us what
is worth the money or not, thank you! :)

YuyusMakeUp says:

BE is a Bëlgium brand .

Denise Wong says:

The reason why Arabic kajal eyeliners shape like a cone is for you to slide
it on your waterline using the angled side, rather than the tip. It gives
easy and quick application since the side has much greater surface area. If
you use the tip of coz it will get shortened quickly. 

Rand Jarallah says:

How cool! I love how honest you are, and honestly (on a completely random
note) I can’t wait to hear all about your secret wedding destination and
see all of the beautiful details you’re going to encounter.
I’m just wondering, do you subscribe to something so that you can receive
all of this stuff (for example do you contact them telling them you want to
review their products) or do they just send them to you without you ever
contacting them?

Carole Evans says:

I love the HAT!!!! xxxx

TheJTheart says:

I’m always super happy when you post videos like this 😀 It is a nice break
to the others. A little bit more talkative ^^ But I still adore all of you
videos. You can tell you take your job seriously 🙂 Lots of love from
Slovenia <3

Antonia1507 says:

Hallo Julia, ich wollte auch immer Lightscapade haben – habe es dann auf
Douglas.de gefunden

MsShmg m says:

I always get excited when you do umboxing vids. You’re the best. Xxx

Eline van der Laan says:

What foundation are you using now that you’re lighter? It looks pretty! 

Isla Skye says:

I really enjoy your honest videos, they are so helpful, besides you really
try to connect with your viewers, your down to earth, and all of your
videos are so great. :)

MakeupByHoni says:

Lightscapade was made permanent a while back, but I think the one in
Lightness of being is so pretty with the sweater print :-)

nikitawilton123 says:

i was just wondering whats your thoughts on benefit make-up :)

Lee Dee says:

Great video!

sapphire1031 says:

That blush looks beautiful on you, I thought that as I started watching.
You have such beautiful skin :)

Llasmeri Quiros says:

I’m selling some of my favorites shoes on ebay come and check them out!!!


Vanessa Apodaca says:

Thank you for sharing. My last comment posted on another to another one of
your videos. Love every product you showed thank you for sharing. :-)

SarahOnCamra says:

Happy New Year from Zurich, Julia! 🙂
I wish I had all these things :P

Nameuntaken says:

lightscapade is on the permanent collection as well :)

Heather Hawkins says:

Thanks for the transparency as always Julia xx

alex540150 says:


WhoAreWeFooling says:

Yaaaay finally newww julia video :-))

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