TokyoTreat || Snacks Straight from Japan! [May 2015]

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Watch in HD! YAS, I got a hair cut haha ^-^ Check out TokyoTreat and all the links down below! ———————– ♥ What’s on my nails: “Cyclone Sky” by Funky Fingers nail polish…


CoolRiceBunnies says:

Wasabi Ramune?! Cute little breads. Pizza chips. Oh my goodness.

TheKawaiiRoom says:

I absolutely love your voice because it’s so perky and light xD I’m sorry
if that sounds weird

Hannah Blend says:

I say this on all your videos but your sooooo pretty It kills me. I would
I’ve if u watched one of my videos

Gummy Flower says:

Cool video

Claymaker101 says:

I love u lily

Rin Unigi says:

mmm the fetuchinni gumi are one of my fav’s <3

Michelle Medina says:

I know i was just looking around on your channel and saw this and I’m like
Yesss no one has commented jet 

LittleSaika says:

gonna order one now too lily <3
thanks for the video ^_^!!!

Remi Pham says:

When you pulled the grape vine gummy out of the plastic, it reminded me of
the sticky hand toys

Elizabeth Marie Orcine Watts says:

Love your videos, your so pretty too! Id love to subscribe to this box,
looks like fun!

Poodiepie says:

Am I the only one who noticed that her hair is shorter? I really like the
short hair on you…not trying to be creepy lol 

theflufffball says:

omg that box was so awesome! So many cool snacks :0 those popping candy
rock things reminded me of Elsa :’) and wow interesting, wasabi ramune xD

AMaterialSpectrum says:


Cutie Cakes26 says:

Awesome like always!~☺️ You’re so pretty and I love your voice! 

Michelle Medina says:


lola sepos says:

You look great with your new hair!!

Cindy Nguyen says:

i had the callebee shrimp chips

Candi Ware says:

short hair but its not that short hehe looks nice wow cool about the tokyo
treat box hehe I loved that grape candy looked soo good hehe. I am not in
school, I work I am a 3D layout artist at an animation studio in Toronto.
But right now I have a brake before the next show starts and I’m loving
it:D Life is good here its spring and starting to get hotter out love it.
Happy to be done or I should say almost done school?

Daniela Levi says:

Haz un canal con videos en español o con subtitulos en español

Elena Chuang says:

Haha I’m eating the dried ramen noodles right now!

Tiny Llama Charms says:

oh my gosh those breads were so adorable x)

Lexa Loki says:

Could you please create a rating system for the Japanese snacks? 

XxPurpleWolfyxX Plays says:

I love how your always sk happy in you videos it makes me in agood mood :D

Genesis Zamora says:

I love your voice lol

Meghan Eilenfield says:

Wow!! I want to try the grape vine candy!!^.^

Ice :3 says:

Before the 301 views 😮
They look delicious *w*

Sharon Yang says:

Your hair looks nice!! 

Katie S says:

out of all the japan snacks which one do you think is the best I wanna let
my bf learn a little bit more about my culture please and thank you

Michelle Medina says:

Love your hair cut 

Brandon Phan says:

They look sooooooooooo goooooooood

XxPurpleWolfyxX Plays says:

10 reasons why you should subsribe to Lily

1. She is so kind and always happy
2. She makes greate content
3. She does polymer clay
4. Her channel is mixed with lots of awesome fun
5. She uploads frequently
6. She never swears in her videos
7. She does candy kits
8.she loves all of her subscribers
9. He gives out valid codes
10. She is amazing

ily Lily

LittleHappyFruit Alyzia says:

Love the hair! <3

Claymaker101 says:

Plz reply 

Michelle Medina says:

Hi Lilly can you reply please 

Tianna Davidson says:


Alli Is Not Kawaii says:

Those grape vine gummies look so fun!

Geeky Filmer says:

First of all, i adore your new hair! its so chic!! Second of all, i also
adore your nails!!! ❤❤
and third of all, i love these types of videos!!! Cant wait for more!!!!!

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