Styles P on Differences Between Protests of the 1960s and Today

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Close – Yonkers spitter and one0 of The Lox, Styles P recently sat down with VladTV where he shared his thoughts on the prevalent protests of today and compared them with those…


KingSunX says:

The simple difference is that in the 60’s people were ready to die for the
cause, Now…You have this part time, pussy protesting. Let’s tear our own
shit up to show how mad we are protesting. If peaceful protesting
accomplished anything, it would be illegal to protest. What has been
accomplished by ANY of the protests?…Awareness!? That what we say when
nothing else has been accomplished. Question: What was accomplished from
the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement?…I’ll wait.

Johnnie Cockran says:

is he rollin a blunt or is that a laptop from 1912

Gerardo Vargas says:

i was wondering what he was doin lol. my nigga :)

DubbleTrubbleBubble says:

vlad we need more stylesp/lox interviews and styles p get in touch with
breal and get in that smokebox!

fallbackdigital says:

How he feels its like the 60`s he probably was never born he protest in his
life in 60 or now he probably saw it on tv

Bruh... says:

Looks like he just copped pandoras box

DalexDorchester says:

Social media is the difference. Fake involvement is the difference.

tommybrown187 says:

is this nigga rolling a blunt>?

thisismyusername says:

the main difference between the protests back then and the “protests” now
is the fact that back then, they were actually trying to improve
conditions. nowadays, people don’t care about trying to improve
conditions. they are more concerned about SAYING they are in the fight to
improve conditions.

now that everyone has social media, everyone is looking for their 15
minutes of fame but nobody wants to work for it. 

Marcio Zygmunt says:

is this nigga really doing a interview with a laptop on his lap? 

NWA362 says:


God Soul Production says:

P you take an L for having your name carved in that blunt box my nigga

ThaHaterr says:

why dose this nigga look like a Retard fucking around on this board 

Bryce Whitney says:

Vlad is on to something with these s.p. Interviews… He hasn’t even smoked
the joint he’s Rollin yet… Wait till the jewels styles drops when he’s
zooted & politicking‼️

Jeff Manqele says:

Setting & Rollin a blunt in the middle of an interveiw?

Lol u gotta love the old G’s

phantom102 says:

The difference is that protests in the 60’s involved well-grounded people
fighting against a clear evil while the protests of today involve a bunch
of dumb niggas that want an excuse to act like savages.

murakulus says:

Fuck what he’s taking about… is he rolling up a blunt? Lmaooo 

Ellie Mae says:

This nigga brought a kif box to the interview. LMFAO!

tochiRTA says:

This is an L for Lox fans

Julious Bass says:

is that an old school macbook?

Shaun Alexander says:

This guy is rolling up LMFAOOO 

TheTruthIsRefreshing says:

Excellent Video. 

MR. UnderDogg says:

Is it a shoe box

brooklyn71484 says:

P got the kit lmao!! I need one

fallbackdigital says:

Scar face

Leanne Connelly says:


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