Solar pond aeration no battery system

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MissouriWindandSolar says:
Brent Roberts says:

Great job Jeff 

Solar & Wind Australia says:

Your always finding ways to make better product’s. 

deenaj44 says:

nice setup!

paxnana says:


WildAndLiving says:

when it gets dark hope the wind is still blowing… 

McCuneWindandSolar says:

I seen that controller and Wyatt was, showing me that I wanted to record it
but he wouldn’t let me LOL. What I would do with that controller is put
black Epoxiy on it so know one can copy it. that way they wont know how its
made. It sure is a nice board and group of components. I have a couple to
work with. and to change out my old charge controller. again Jeff you or
even your Son Wyatt are improving every day. This would be good for
people that want to put a fan in there attic to pull heat a way, This unite
is great for so many many things that people could use it for. it will be
one of those things that can be hooked up set and forget about it will ways
do its job. 

McCuneWindandSolar says:

cool I got to see that cool device when I was down Thursday July 31st. I
wont say to much, I believe you have a nice set up coming a long, only if I
get to say what I saw, But you have a lot that will soon be coming out to
the market. and that controller I seen you using man the many uses for

Beercan555 says:

This looks good. Would like to buy when it is available.

JOHNNYMasteratArms DUNN says:


Jeremiah Johnson says:

I’m diggin’ this.
Keep up the good work!

Larry342516 says:

Really a great idea Jeff. When will you be selling this new type of
controller? You and your Son keep improving on your products. Fantastic.
Thanks for the video.

SilentDeath002 says:

Nice set up Jeff. I have tried to price 12 or 24 volt pumps, easier to get
a ac pump and cheaper too.

Nomad76ORE says:

Super cool!

Frankie Bianco says:

woohooooooo!!! Cowabunga!!!!!!!

sha whit says:

So cool, I love it. Thanks guys.

Chris Lloyd says:

Awesome. Can’t wait to try one out. Love the vids. Keep the innovations

ozzy yzzo says:

very cool

TexasPrepper Tom says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Harley Austin says:

Very cool Jeff thanks for sharing.

sweetgman46 says:

Looking at reviews of this company, it sure looks like there is a BIG LACK
of CUSTOMER SERVICE and product quality? Hmmm?

OMNZero says:

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What Next

MissouriWindandSolar says:
TexasPrepper Tom says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

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