Slow Cooker APRICOT CHICKEN episode 88

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I had heard a lot about this apricot chicken recipe, but with me not being a big apricot fan. I wasn’t sure whether or not I would try this recipe. But when I saw apricot jam on sale at grocery…


Juanelo1946 says:

Sue, Sue, Sue, you wicked wonderful woman, I’m so proud of you that you got
the low-sugar apricot jam! I heartily endorse your executive decisions. I
think they could only add to the flavor. So the result looked fabulous to
my eyes! I like apricot, so maybe that’s why it was so appealing to me…
oh yeah, the red pepper cheddar shards gave it a big boost too! Yummo!
Thanks for sharing this you sweet lady! — Your Biggest Fan

Sues quickandeasy says:

Surprisingly delicious!

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