Samsung Dryer Diagnostic Repair – Not Heating – DV210AEWXAA

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Troubleshoot your own Samsung Electric Dryer that has some of the following issues: Not Heating Only at To complete the repair …

Comments says:

Great step by step easy instructions! Took less than 45 min to complete,

Doug Hollins says:

Wonderful video! Thanks! I had a little trouble trying to figure out how
the belt goes around the idle pulley but I eventually got it.

Kevin Choy says:

Thank you so much for your very easy to follow step by step instructions! I
am a complete novice at appliance repair but was able to fix it in about 1
hour and purchase the correct parts. You saved us $200!

DinoBakedZiti says:

I work on these daily , no need to remove front housing or belt..element
box assembly comes out simply by removing 2 base screws , slide whole box
assembly out.

Adam Howard says:

Thank you so much! I shared and let everyone know where to look when they
are in a bind with their appliances. This saved my bacon so hard!

ryk1265 says:

Very good!

Kevin Meara says:

Best video EVER! Lucky I have the exact same dryer and every instruction
was SPOT ON! Didn’t want to take the dryer this far apart, but after
vacuuming the inside I was glad I did it. Now can you do one for a power
steering pump on a 1999 Pathfinder? 

Keven Pope says:

Great walk through. 

Andrew Brenner says:

Excellent! Followed step by step, and had no problems.

andrewborry says:

I have a Samsung electric dryer DV330AE it is not heating and the cooling
lights remain on, would I go through the same process as you have just
showed or could it be a different issue

MrSkittlemuffin32 says:

Great step by step easy instructions! Took less than 45 min to complete,

Pamela Christy-Allen says:

dyer wasn’t heating got that all working ,now it goes into cool down mode
but doesn’t cool down or shut off,any thoughts

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