Repair your own car’s air conditioner cheaply

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Emmy Award Winning Mechanic Scotty Kilmer shows how to bypass all your car’s Expensive computer air conditioning controls with a simple thirty dollar switch….


Stephen Kuper says:

Great video Scotty! My air conditioner worked fine when bought car nissan.
Car sat for a couple of years, now blows hot any ideas? What things to do
find problem, check first, second etc…

Scotty Kilmer says:

Repair your own car’s air conditioner cheaply

pollylimp says:

My cars computer has just murdered my wife and two kids and is now
threatening me what do I do now Dave ? er sorry scotty………..

Valerie Butterbredt says:

I was putting in the freon and it began blowing cold air but when I
replaced the battery in my car it began to blow hot air only. Any ideas?

mjobermeyer09 says:

If my cars AC doesn’t click, is it caused by the computer? Also how do you
replace a blower motor resister?

Joseph Maximus says:

Scotty, Does the compressor clutch have to be engaged to put “Freon” in ?
I have a 2000 Eldarado that will not accept Freon even though the info
board indicates “Low on Freon” and the clutch does not engage. Blows hot

chuock says:

Great Tip.. wondering how many people put a hole in there evap coil though
doing this.. 

Rick Lange says:

THANK YOU it worked Scotty you are the bomb. 

gisell lathan says:

my truck is a s10 1994 my air stoped working because the switch burnt up
for the air and defrost i put a newer switch in the truck it all works
good but blows hot air whats wroung please help

datchulo1085 says:

Hey Scotty my car shakes a lot when I turn on the ac while I am in idle.
The rpm doesn’t drop and it just shakes my car . Idle is not an issue, it
just shakes my car. There’s times it shakes hard and other times it
doesn’t. Any tips? Thanks in advance 

Peter Kapica says:

Great vid Scotty! I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey and the AC compressor makes a
loud ticking noise when the AC is on.(I think its the compressor that
ticks.) The ticking comes from the front right tire

JOY MRC says:

what does the knob in the thermostat do? i need to increase compressor
running before cut off,now it cut’s off and on too frequent(on for about a
minute and off then back on so we feel plain air as soon as it cuts off on
afternoons) i tried turning it little by little till half way but didnt
feel anything so turned back to original position.what if i turn it all the
way to full??? pls put some light on mechanic replace the thermostat
bulb and put this on as he said it is better than auto bulb type.

Kito says:

hahaha scotty u are the man thx. can i re-oil my car air conditioning by
myself? can you show me. 

Michael Bohmer says:

i have a 2001 Taurus with no heat ,no ac back flushed core 2 times hot both
sides replaced actuator as old one wasn’t working now all doors work ,fan
works still no heat nor ac ,what next? 

Mohammad Norun Nobe says:

i have x5 2008 this ac competer problem now what i do

Nabeel Rahimpour says:

The computer is the least likely part to fail in an AC system. Why even
suggest that anyone does this?

The most likely thing is something mechanical. Wouldn’t basic
troubleshooting be more appropriate instead of trying to fix the least
likely part?

Rick Lange says:

where can i find the place to put the coo-lend in a 2004 clk 500 Mercedes.
& how does the plastic cover that covers the engine off?

Callum Wearne says:

i have thought about doing this to my car because the AC sucks all the
power from the battery and the cars computer until it is flat and even
stops running My guess is its the computer i recently replaced the
alternator thinking that was the problem what a waste of time that was

Rick Lange says:

the air on the passenger blows cold air , but the air on the drivers side
blows warm air. CLK 500 merrcedes 2004

Michael Spada says:


Bethbo64 says:

Scotty My car is empty of refrigerant, and won’t take a recharge. The air
compressor does engage. I had a new air compressor, drier, expansion value
all put on. The system was vacuumed. What could be the problem? Will the
paperclip trick work to bypass the computer to fill the refrigerant in this
case? Someone says it jumps the compressor to working to add it, but does
it do the same when it already does engage? And if I use the paperclip
trick, do I leave it in until the refrigerant is full, then put back in the

Atul Kallianpur says:

lol…..stupid AC control Hal9000 computer!

Aspr says:

Thanks for the great tip sir. I am not a DIYer but this tells me what to
ask the technician to fix my car AC. Thanks a ton.

Wendy Slater says:

Hi I start my 93 honda accord and turn on the air conditioning and drive
when I get back home I turn the car off when go back
To start it the car wont start do u know whats wrong

gamo98 says:

hi scotty kilmer I have a hyundi exel that keeps throwing the air
conditioner belt the belt tensioner is not seized nor the ac pump is not
seized either

A D Ferguson says:

I have a 2000 S70 volvo the air will run and cool for about 5 minutes and
then starts blowing hot air. What should I check to fix this problem.

Timothy Ward says:

i have a 1987 s10 im having a problem with my ac when i switch ac on blows
cold air out the bottom and hardly any out through the vents and when i
switch it to derost or something and need it to go back to ac it blows out
hot air instead of cold air what can be the problem

Hiedi Wallenmeyer says:

HI, I have a 97 Dodge Grand Caravan Se 3.0L v6 and my a/c compressor locked
up, I had to remove my defrost/ac fuse under the hood so I can run my
defrost, can I fix this with the bypass thermostat you showed and have
running a/c again after it’s charged with freon???

OneBlackShoe says:

Sir …you are the best representative ever

Lisa Blount says:

how can I reset my abs and brake light already replace my brakes thanks

veronika37able says:

I need to see again this video is hard to me to understand…

datchulo1085 says:

It might just be the compressor then, mainly because my car idles great. It
just shakes like no ones business at times with the ac on at idle speed .
But once the car is in motion, I don’t get the vibration. Thanks for your

Jeffrey Wood says:

I’ve got a 2000 grand Cherokee Laredo that the air condition works only if
u run a wire straight from the battery to the compressor. Can any body
please help me 

gamo98 says:

the belt tensioner is not seized and the compressor is free

Bethbo64 says:

I was told I need a new computer chip for my ac to work this mechanic at
Monroe Muffler told me to bypass with a toggle switch. I have been trying
now for 2 summers to get a mechanic or just some guy to fix it for me, and
can’t get anyone. They all seem to think it’s too much work. Any ideas who
might fix this?

gamo98 says:

hey scotty i have a hyundi that keeps throwing the ac belt all the time

Scotty Kilmer says:

Repair your own car’s air conditioner cheaply

gamo98 says:

thanks scotty

Scotty Kilmer says:

Repair your own car’s air conditioner cheaply

rpn000rpnca says:

Scotty, I plan to replace my compressor, evaporator, condenser and
expansion valve. I have bought all the tools and equipment I need. I plan
to flush all the lines.
New evaporators don’t need to be flushed do they? (Dumb question) By the
way I read factory repair procedure and Haynes Automotive Heating and Air
Conditioning carefully. Have done repairs on my car in the past. New to
messing with A/C. 

Jhonn Jakob says:

in a few more years scotty is going to be a celeb 

Dante Star says:

Very clever presentation!

Seryoga192 says:

typisch ami einfach nur dumm im kopf richtiger mongo

INTERNA9 says:


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