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This video shows you how to diagnose the problems accociated with the ice maker not making ice. Good Appliance Wabash, Indiana.

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Greg Raizk says:

The water is getting through in my case because it comes out the door.

Alex Cherba says:

in my whirlpool gold side by side refrigerator not cooling and evaporator
fan not working and I hear a clicking is any body have same problem 

Lacourtney Beck says:

thanks homie it works fine now after looking at this video
…………………. GOOD LOOK

john Last says:

I took the water line off and Blowed in it..Must be blocked up top.. What’s
my next step ?

vietdude1979 says:

Hi, I have a question. My ice maker isn’t pushing any water into the ice
maker trays to make the ice, so I was wondering what is wrong and what do I
need to replace? I’m still getting water from the water dispenser side.

Richard Sievers says:

what if you have very low pressure going into water valve? it is a brass
tap T under my sink, seems like the T-valve may be copaKY…? thanks,

aflarry says:

Please give troubleshooting tips for an inoperable auger. Makes ice but
won’t dispense. Thanks

Joe Miller says:

I have a Whirlpool Gold Model #:GD5PHAXLB01 Its a side by side with an ice
& water faucet in the door. I am able to get very cold water out of the
door faucet but it does not make any ice. The ice container is completely
empty. The ice maker switch is turned to on and everything else in the
fridge works eg. the fridge and the freezer both make cold and stay
consistent with their temperatures. I replaced the filter 3 days ago but it
still isn’t making any ice. What would be your recommendation?

UpStream00T says:

Just hoping to determine the right part to replace instead of the whole
stinkin’ icemaker… I’m scratching my head though.

peter sarbu says:

thank youuuu make some more videos plssss

rong43805 says:

Found my problem after I went to the Dr to ck my ears. IT was totally
plugged so had to use a hair dryer on the rubber tube (inside the freezer)
and blew hot water in the back side. Shut off my freezer as I think that
helped defrost. If you are getting weak water pressure, first thing is ck
the water pressure leasing into the brass tap. If good, its your tap. IF
still weak, R&R the shut off valve. Ron

mexicanamerican21 says:

Dude I lost you.

mestizolove says:

thanks man!!!

Angela Gottschalk says:

Once you’ve located these papers then you will need to find the one
referencing the ice maker tests and do your best to follow the steps to
determine if the boards are the problem, the ice maker, or the fill valve.
Even if you water is working out of the door the fill valve will have 2
coils, one for the water at the door and the other for the ice maker. If
that guide can’t get you through the process you may need to call a
repairman they have the advantage of a tech. line if needed. Good luck

Awayze says:

I have EXACT same situation as you. Water works but not the ice bit, it
must be a electrical fault on the ice solenoid.

Marco Grandia says:

Could someone tell me if it would be possible to take the ice maker out of
the fridge and let it work in another place , without the whole fridge
connected to it? Are all ice machines cooled by the aid of the fridge or is
it a separate system? thanks!

Angela Gottschalk says:

Well i guess you can start with the optics. I believe when the door is open
and the infared door is out if the boards are responding correctly it will
flash 2 times stop, flash 2 times stop, etc.. When the infared door is
closed with nothing obstructing the signal and the freezer door open it
will be solid red. Check the temp in the freezer section with a cold
thermometer you want 0-5 degrees. Or you can check you ice cream to see if
it’s freezer solid or a bit soft.

rong43805 says:

OK – but what happens if the water line to the ice maker is clogged? I
tried to blow in it and it blew my ears out.

ZERBA66 says:

i have a samsung refrigeator rf2467hars.the ice maker is not maker ix

darryl milburn says:

Need assistance repairing the ice maker on a Samsung model Rs2630 .any
thought on how to do this is appreciated

Lee Owen says:

damn, I was hoping I could just shake it, or knock it back into a working

UpStream00T says:

Thanks for a highly thorough, clean instructional video that actually keeps
your attention. I’m a little stuck if you have a sec. Side-by-side Kenmore,
cross mount maker. I was able to jump start the harvest cycle; when I jump
the water valve water is definitely shooting out; the infrared is fine. All
ohms readings seem to be there. But I’m still not getting water out
automatically. I’m guessing something isn’t sensing something right to send
a correct message somewhere. Thoughts if you can?

ZERBA66 says:

not making ice.i try to open it.but it won’t open.what do i do to fix it.

Kimmersue1 says:

You are a genius! My fiance thought he knew what the problem was with our
ice maker, so he replaced the water valve?, but it still did not work. Then
I showed him your video, and we tried using the wires to test the motor. It
was while we were testing the motor that we found out what the real problem
was. The motor started turning but after a few minutes we noticed that the
dial thing fell off! It was broken, which was why it had stopped working.
Now we know what to replace! Thanks!

Angela Gottschalk says:

Yes all ice makers are cooled by the refrigerator system in one way or
another. Either by the cool air produced by in the freezer or the ice maker
is set up with copper lines to the sealed system that cools the
refrigerator that pass freon through the ice tray to freeze the ice if the
ice maker is located inside the refrigerator system.

ericj305 says:

Dear Lord, let it be one of the first two…

Robert C Muller Jr. says:

hi my ice maker keeps shutting off I have to keep pushing lever down for it
to make ice the lever seems a little stiff what would cause this to happen

Angela Gottschalk says:

So to answer your question a little better unless you created an
environment that would hold 0-10 degrees you would not have ice outside of
a refrigerator with an ice maker out of a refrigerator.

UpStream00T says:

It did help (and reassure I wasn’t missing something). Yeah, looks like a
whole new unit. Just hoped to get away with a $15-$25 component instead of
the whole thing. Oh well! Thanks again.

Cesar Sanchez says:

hi i have a maytag french door fridge that will dispense water but no ice.
model of fridge is MFI2568AEB your help on this would be greatly
appreciated and thank you in advance for your time and looking to hear from
you soon.

Marco Grandia says:

That is a really clear answer.. thanks for the advice. I decided to buy a
fridge around it as wel.. thanks

gromp43 says:

Thanks! Helped me fix my ice maker. Ice had built up where the water came
into the freezer. Tried to blow through the hose and couldn’t and traced it
all the way.

CrazyDownThere says:

You’re cute

Angela Gottschalk says:

I looked up your model number and your refrigerator has a difficult process
for to find out which component is the problem. Always check your your fill
tube running into the ice maker 1st just in case it is just plugged with
ice. You could have a pc board & reciever mounted on each side of the
freezer walls. If you take off your kick panel on the bottom of the
refrigerator you should find 2 folded up pieces of paper either stuffed in
the kick panel or somewhere towards the front of the ref.

Angela Gottschalk says:

Good luck hope it gets you going again.

Marina P says:

My fridge is not making any ice and there are no lights on the door. seems
like something is wrong with the electricity. How do I check that?

Angela Gottschalk says:

Note before you base your decision entirely on what i’ve said here that
without being there to test everything personally I can’t be sure these
things can be tough to figure out. So good luck to ya hope this helped.

Eddie Mars says:

Great post! I was able to figure this out and replace mine. It’s great when
you can save money by doing it yourself.

Angela Gottschalk says:

If the freezer is not keeping cold enough the internal thermostat inside
the ice maker will not allow the ice maker to harvest. If it’s not getting
cold enough check your condensor coils to make sure they are not real dirty
(if they are it will affect overall temp). Make sure condensor & evap fan
are running, or you have a freon issue. If your temp is good, optics are
fine, and you can jump neutral to motor and it does what it is supposed to
then i would say your ice maker needs replaced.

Charles Michael says:

Hey, I have a similar refrigerator with the side mounted ice maker. I
connected the water supply a few hours ago but no ice is being produced and
I looked at the ice maker and I’m not hearing any noise to indicate its
functioning. Am I supposed to hear a noise? How long does it usually take
to produce ice for the first time?

Ian Fleming says:

As you described in the video I’m experiencing a problem of the ice maker
not filling, or calling for water. I was able to manually start the pump
from two test points L-V and have manually started the motor, its been
spinning for over a week now but no water. Any suggestions on what
microswitch to replace? Or perhaps I will just need to adjust the white
dial so the copper connects properly?

Jody Mauldin says:

Thanks for a great video. My husband is one of those “when in doubt, read
the instructions” type of guy. Hopefully this visual will be just the

Dan Leithauser says:

that was informative…thanks.

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