RANT: Sammydress.com order at your own risk! Putting them on BLAST!

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Sharing my experience ordering from sammydress.com 1. Poor customer service 2. Incorrect items 3. Charged for items I never received After further investigation, I discovered HUNDREDS of bad…


SistaWith RealHair says:

Sharing my experience ordering from sammydress.com
1. Poor customer service
2. Incorrect items
3. Charged for items I never received
After further investigation, I discovered HUNDREDS of bad
BAD reviews online.

Flower_Gemini nadine p says:

Never trust anything from China….lol..smh

Number one rule … they always ruin things…

Kayla Shante says:

House Of Beauty World needs to be put on blast too! Lol. They have horrible
customer service!

DM Williams says:

Lol! I’m with you, “don’t mess with my good or my money”! Someone else
reviewed their products and I found out that they size people based on very
small women, so it doesn’t matter if you order an XL, it will still come
smaller than the typical American XL woman. I also heard that the material
is cheap. Thank you for the warning, because now I am certain I will not be
ordering from them!!!

fnkyfreshT says:

I’ve heard that Sammydress takes real model photos from other websites and
imitates the clothes the models wear. Based on the other videos that I’ve
seen about sammydress, they clothes don’t look like they do in the photos.
So yeah I guess in this case you get what you pay for but that’s still not
excuse for poor customer service.

Lord Maul3 says:

You’re not being malicious sister. Companies that do this type of shit need
to be put on blast. You and Ti’s videos might have saved someone else from
being ripped off by these scammers.

hmm101alot says:

we’ve all had bad experiences and money lost, but what pisses me off the
most is when you get no response! i really feel for you, thanks for

Helen Adair says:

I would of been mad too, wow but here’s another one for you all that needs
to be put on blast, Light In The Box, horrible customer service their
shoes are beautiful but, don’t order them this is a big hassle

TheKeKe313 says:

Yep. Sounds like a scam to me. Smh.

Lola Folami says:

Not sure if you have done the following already. File a not as described
claim with PayPal, if you open the claim under anything else they are going
to tell you to pay for the return shipping.( as they already told you) If
you do the not as described, the seller pays for the return shipping. If
that does not work file a chargeback with your credit card, or debit card,
however wait until PayPal declines the not as described claim, unless you
are running out of time to file with your credit card. Since your order was
$9.99 and they charged you $94, it’s an unauthorised transaction, which you
do not recognise. If all fails send by USPS cheapest way, surface mail and
take video pics of you packaging and sending it as proof. 

polifonyann says:

SEVEN WEEKS!!!!!????? Im angry at that alone lordy lord

CurlsINtheMaking says:

Thanks for the heads up. Definitely won’t be ordering from them. 

Hair de Chocolate (PowderBlushh) says:

Wow ! That’s terrible…companies these days though. Thanks for the

Jaryn Campbell says:

My fat ass was like “$94? That’s so much Popeye’s. . .”

jami s says:

Loool i ordered from them 2 years ago and never again. I ordered what they
advertised as a cute, lined, coral coat with fur cuffs and colar.
Instead i got a cheap father Christmas looking outfit

JustAlexia says:

Thank you! I was just thinking about ordering from another Chinese based
website but now I know how they operate, they send YouTubers good items but
they send crap to paying customers & its not you guy’s fault, it’s the
shady company! I will never again even think about ordering from one of
these Chinese bases sites.

mzstepz30 says:

I did finally get my item and I ordered XL and it was like XS!!! 

diamondd83 says:

Damn, sorry to hear. Thanks for the video 

Ingrid Kindred says:

They should be out of business! I have heard nothing but bad reviews on
them. The clothes look like they could fit a toddler!

Angela says:

I always knew this site was a scam. I used a scam website to verify it. it
was too good to be true with all the cheap stuff

LadyJacqueline07 says:

Girl this is not a rant! While I have never been on that website (thank
God), I am glad for youtubers like you who put the truth out there. This is
why I am subscribed to you, and why I appreciate you Tee. Thank you, thank
you, thank you.

Prettyjessj says:

I’ve never ordered from them. But thanks for this. I know many other
youtuber’s would have done the review and said great things about them.
Thanks for keeping it real! 

Leslie Bradford says:

I had the same experience with an etsy shop scam i paid for my clothes,they
said they would come in a week, the shop just shut down with no contact.

LaShonda Dunbar says:

Thank you! I was considering ordering some bathing suits but I didn’t. I
guess God was warning me. 

Palscrapsterry says:

i never order from any of those chinese companies, the sad part is there is
a bunch of them with that same concept out of china. tfs we gotta put these
companies on blast

Terry Sulcer says:

Thanks. I”ve never heard of them but I will never forget them now. Good
looking out!

Stephany Lewis says:

The same thing happened to me!!! I just got two small dresses (supposed to
be XL) yesterday! Too upset with their sizes!

abenalove says:

So sorry about your horrible experience sis!!! Thanks for sharing though,
cause I’ve been contacted by them a few times, but I’ve just always
ignored. So will add them to the do not review folder!! 

Kee Kee says:

Wow, never heard of them but this is a perfect example why I stick to
familiar when ordering things online especially from overseas, I branch out
but I try to read reviews 1st not that there guarantee, probably would went
as far as contacting the local news get them involved blast that company
more, tfs sorry for your lost…

Cam Cam says:

Girl!!! Let me tell you i had the same foolishness happen to me.i order a
bathing suit as well as a dress. The dress buttons were missing as well as
there was a stain in the dress. The bathing suit the threads were hanging ,
stain amd looking nothing the picture at all!!!. I put a complaint all now
they havent replied..I bought this stuff back in January. I will NEVER
order from them again. I’m so glad you posted this . I pray you get your
$back…All the best

Happywife Taylor says:

Thank u for sharing. They send me emails all the time.

Terrica Johnson says:

Def my last time orsering from them. Took a looong time to get my clothes.

Miss Renee says:

It’s coming from Chinese wholesale so 7 weeks seem about right. You do know
American xl is different from Asian sizes?

Rainbow Izm says:

Arggh!! I just ordered from them yesterday for a trip I’m taking on June
1st. I hope the swimwear fits okay. 

Mercedes Follett says:

Same thing happened to me and PayPal said they will look into it but after
the investigation they said I will have to send it back with my money so I
feel your pain 

Nelly Nell says:

Yes when I finally received my items I forgot I ordered from there because
it took sooo long!

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