Philippines Appliance Panasonic Electric Water Heater Warranty Repair & Replacement BebotsOnly

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yes we are having problems again with our Panasonic electric water heater and this time the solution is not a simple push of a button because the heating element is not functioning properly…


BebotsOnly Forever says:
Magne Andersen says:

Yes, you are right. Is the 3 T. Things Take Time in Philippines :). I buy
water heater AEG(Germany brand) same look as yours Panasonic. It still
function. It is from Des 2010. Good Luck with the new Panasonic, hope it
last longer this time. Take care.

J M says:

Hello and good day to you.
May I ask who is flagging your videos? Is it Panasonic or Pinoy whom can’t
handle warranted criticism?

I have a Panasonic Multi Point Water Heater. It was purchased in 2007.
Those models are not in the shops any more. The repair man told me it was
the element. It’s grounded. He didn’t care too much for my explanation of
“ground vs short” as in it’s “shortening out”. There’s a short somewhere.
Pride getting in the way again.. (Heavy Sigh).

There is a GREEN Power lamp (ELB). Isn’t that supposed to be lighted when
the unit is receiving power? Well, he said it’s NOT supposed to be on. I
don’t get it.

Main swich (On/Off)
Rotating Knob (Off, Low, Medium High .. water temperature .. ORANGE LAMP)

OK. Read this:
1. Main switch it in ON position
2. Rotation Knob in OFF position GREEN light is litted
3. Rotation Knob in LOW position GREEN light is NOT Litted
4. Rotation Knob in MEDIUM position GREEN light is litted
5. Rotation Knob in HIGH position GREEN light is NOT Litted

Isn’t that strange?

If you unplug the cord and reverse the polarity, then no lights at all.
(but now and then this is necessary to get power to the unit. I guess the
power company changes polarity now and then… I really don’t know)

Of course there has to be ample water pressure in order for the element to
start up and heat the water.

Just the other day the ORANGE lamp (which indicates water is being heated)
would come on for half a second and then turn off. Pushing the reset button
didn’t help. I discovered that if I lower the water pressure enough the
ORANGE light will come back on and the element will work.

Is the element going bad?

Of course the unit is not grounded. They don’t know how to ground the
electric outlets here.

Thanks for your help

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