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HazelPineapple says:

I feel like it would have been awesome to know bunny as a kid

Ashley Jennifer says:

Can u do a follow me around Vlog or a Vlog of your day? Would love to see
the day in the life of Bunny :)

Maya Hamka says:

I feel like she’s almost glowing with beauty in this video, stunning Bunny

Ashley John says:

I can relate to you feeling older as a child. I never got along with people
my own age, and I never felt like a child when I was a child. It was weird,
because nobody understood me. I’m 21 now, but I feel so much older than
people my own age.

TristarGaming says:

If the tea taste like dirt order just a cup of un-iced water and taste it.
If it has an odd coloration or taste well…like dirt! thats the problem :)

jjbabie91 says:

Those shoes look like they weigh as much as you!

Georgie Aldous says:

So much Blue in this video, super refreshing :D

Cameron Weatherford says:

Bunny can always brighten up my day

BWithEmMarie says:

I love your tea vlogs! I love you and I hope someday my channel can be as
successful as yours

Zoe Nichols says:

I love these videos! When you just talk! -don’t get me wrong I still LOVE
your regular videos, but I especially love these!! :3

Lauren Cornish says:

anxiety is awful, I feel you girl

Hell yeah Hanji Zoe says:


grav3yardgirl says:

HOW MANY TIMES DID I SAY “WEIRD” IN THIS VIDEO? did anyone keep a count? ;D

Oopsie Daisy says:

Omg! Could u be pregnant? My tea started tasting like dirt when I got
pregnant!! It was so weird

Bean's House Elf says:

I think those shoes would get you high enough off of the ground to allay
flash floods.

Claire Dean says:

Bunny, the reason your tea is tasting like dirt is probably because your
town is low on water. Idk maybe Pearland isn’t in drought but Allen is and
we’re having the same problem here

SweetTreats says:

A Swamp Family school would be the best. It would be the sassiest school

Michelle Hernandez says:

I LOVE paranormal shows, I watch them all the time with my niece 🙂 about
98% of them aren’t scary but they’re just fun to watch! 

Katie M says:

Also Bunny, if you haven’t been feeling good lately, like having headaches
or anything in your head area, it may be affecting your taste buds. I know
when I have the flu and I have killer headaches it affects how things taste
to me. So maybe your taste buds are a bit off from not feeling good.

Hailey Alexis says:

Are you doing a meet in greet in NY?

jaydork24 says:

Is it related to tarte? Could it be a swamp family palette?

Erin Mason says:

Now I’m going to watch “the ghost inside my child.” Thanks Bunny! xD

Rad.hoodlum says:

Omg I’m first yay

Basking In The Ambiance says:

I have a feeling the “surprise” is a book that shes writing… :)

imagineabetterplaceintime says:

I can’t even watch this video without it buffering because we’re under
tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning in the Dallas area right now

Reese nix says:

do you not want kids? 

Ashlee Gonzales says:

Bunny, is it possible that you’re pregnant? 

marcy smith says:

my daughter is just like you..but she has a fear of throwing up…she will
call me out ot the blue with panic..Marcy

Lunde Tv says:

I have a panic disorder and depression, Finally I am happy, and you have
helped. I am now on pills for both. I just turned 13 and today was the best
day ever. Getting to watch you today, made it better! thank you so much!

Katarvi says:

I used to have selective muteism as a child in primary school. I would
refuse to talk to anybody, not even say yes to the register. Kids used to
make it a challenge to get me to talk! I gradually got over that but as an
adult I still don’t talk that much to strangers /people I’m not comfortable
around if i don’t have to (which is 99% of the people I encounter!) I also
now suffer from social anxiety quite badly. I could read by the time I was
3 and a half and habe an irrational fear of dinosaurs! (Dont ask!!)

Hooray for weirdness! 🙂 loved the vlog!

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