Night Routine: Winter Edition!!

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yay!! thumbs up if you liked this video!! 😀 Merry Christmas 🙂 check out Quest Nutrition’s Channel for more healthy holiday recipes! TWITTER – https://twi…


Theresa Blueberry says:

That moment when Cambria posts a video <333

*Any small youtubers that would like to support each others channels? <3*
I know this might be annoying, but I'm trying to hit 1K!!! That would be
the best Christmas gift I got this year :)

Annhel Monarrez says:

Christmas eve and a new video? It really is the most wonderful time of the
year. :)

Sarah TheAwesomeGirl says:

Love your video!

TheCraftCousins says:


Posted By Claire says:

I already clicked thumbes up without watching the video, because I know
it’ll be awesome!

Synfonia Hallak says:

Merry Christmas Cambria, god bless! Love you! :)

MakeupBySophia says:

Love your video and it gives me motivation to start a healthier lifestyle,
thank you xx btw which camera do you use? ❤️ 

Valerie Remy says:

love this so muc! i want to try the coco!

Cassidy Alexander says:

I loved this video! Praying for you & your family through this hard time!
Merry Christmas, Cambria! Xoxo

Emma Jones says:

Merry Christmas Cambre-bre!!

SaiChansArt says:

Love your videos Cambria! Your editing it amazing as well.. what program do
you use to edit videos? :3 

rileyjessica26 says:

So happy you uploaded! I love you Bree and I understand that all in your
life has been busy, so I’ve been patient and that time away made this video
THAT much better! Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a
healthy happy new year!

Itzel Bautista says:

Yay! I’m so glad you put up a new video because they’re my favorite. I miss
you Cambria! 

Madison M. says:

omg I watch all your videos and vlogs and I love your room since your last
videos!!! love u cambria:)) xoxo

monica l says:

This is great! I love your videos youre so inspiring. Hope u come to the
netherlands one day so i can meet you!

Delilah Ocampo says:

Loved this video. Merry Christmas!!! I love your room!! Please do a room

Sophia Isabelle says:

Loved this video! And using coconut oil is a really good idea 🙂 but just
curious isn’t drinking hot coco & tea in like a short amount of time like a
little much , like a lot of hot drinks for right before bed idk if I make
any sense lol

NattieMaddie Luv says:

I really enjoyed this video. I was going to watch a blog and I saw this and
thank God. You always inspire me to take time out for me and love myself.
You are my little cheerleader. I love your new bed!!

Tatiana Ragland says:

Ohh YAY a Cambria video!!! OMG I missed her videos!!! Love you Cambria!
Happy holidays!!

xxmeganfcxx says:

Best thing to watch at 11pm Christmas eve! Merry xmas

Arielle Rose says:

Lol “Do the Neutrogena”! You have the best bloopers. xD Hope you have a
merry Christmas!

Sophie Horan says:

Cambria’s come back on Christmas eve! Amazing gift 😀
Happy Christmas for you and your family.

Shantell Benally says:

Loved the new video. Hopefully more videos in the future.

Rebekah Filby says:

Merry Christmas ! I love your videos and I hope your getting better now

Rosy Ruiz says:

What headphones are those?

gedankee536 says:

Yes a new video!:) Love it! Merry Christmas:*

mmelephant81 says:

Your room looks great! I have missed you so much love you

Bethy Marie says:

So glad to see you’re back again! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Jasmin Ali says:

Love u cambria xx huge inspiration everyday
Please come sydney :)

Emily Ward says:

Merry Christmas Cambrian! We love you! 

Isabelle P says:

Was that sugar that you put on your face?

livelovelaughJCK says:

I see SUCH an improvement in your skin!! 🙂
Ps love the room

Jessie P says:

What’s in my gym bag, before the new year please

Seraen says:

Hahaha but did you leave out the part where you blow out the candles before
going to bed? :)

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