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Please Subscribe 🙂 ♥ Hey everyone! Sooooo…. I totally whacked myself, and I totally had a fit about it. Now that I realize it’s hilarious, I thought I would share what happened, so no…

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Christine Amor says:

This made me love you more! I hope you have a speedy recovery xoxo

TheRoseZara says:

Lol i love this, and you’re flawwwwwwwlesssssss ! 

cee1224 says:

Great video !! You are bigger than your circumstances. I really wouldn’t
have noticed had you not said it. Your beauty overshadows your “Daisy”,
she can just take a backseat and learn something from your awesome videos!
xoxo !!!

ItsOnlyMakeup says:

I love the sasquash story….that’s gansta! LOL! You are Daisy are okay
with me. I LOVE your videos. Now you can add the caption “guest starring
Daisy”. LOL

christabella201 says:

i wouldn’t have even noticed if you didn’t draw attention to it!! it’s not
that big a deal hun…..brush her off ya shoulda….you’re so positive. <3
ya girl!

Darlene Hall says:

Bruise..what Bruise?? 😉 You still look amazing! Most importantly glad you
are ok and it was not more serious.. Looking forward to your videos. Have a
fantastic trip! 🙂 

jai B says:

Hi Daisy, don’t think u gonna be around for long…don’t be a stranger lol

BrianaBLuvsYou says:

Also, please just as a precautionary go see a doctor if you can just to
make sure your noggin is ok, take some aspirin or motrin and put some ice
on it. Love you much.

Hannah Mercado says:

Love you’re positivity.. Im in high school and I lived with my uncle for
the past 4 years because he was diagnosed with cancer very very
unexpectedly and he had no one else. He’s been the only person there for me
my entire life and although the situation was hard to except I was happy I
could finally give back to him and take care of him like he had for me for
my entire life. He was my best and only friend. Two months ago a week
before my birthday he passed and I was in a really really bad place for a
long while until i started to change my mindset for the better. Being
positive is what kept my uncle/Bestfriend alive as long as he was and is
what helped me keep on living. It’s amazing what a little positivity could

MsAvalon25 says:

Love the message in this video! You are beautiful inside and out! xoxo 

Shana Moore says:

great message! 

filipa rodrigues says:

If u didn’t said u had the bump I wouldn’t notice 😉
Even if I did, we are all friends girrrrl, don´t even bother!!!! <3

LuLu Renee says:

Thank you for your inspiring words. I really needed to hear them <3

majohn43 says:

Ouch! Glad you’re ok. And glad you were able to bounce back and shine
through. Divas do not like anything going on with their faces! so I’m glad
you are being a big girl and taking one for the team.

AnamaryV says:

Thank you for the motivation love! I really needed it today. You’re such a
beautiful soul…love watching your vid’s xoxo

Lala Monet says:

Lol aw. Next upload: How to do your makeup with an eye bruise

Susie Cabrera says:

You are so right ! Thank you for posting this 🙂 !

Nao Tayo says:

Hey at least it’s not on the shaved side (it would be more noticeable) &
also how is it that you have no makeup on, no brows to frame your face &
with a big coco on the side of your head & you’re still gorgeous lol? I
love your positivity & maybe you can do a tutorial on how to cover bumps &
bruises flawlessly.

Lisa Maynard says:

Could you be anymore amazing?? 

MacMiaBella says:

love you Sonjdra ! Still beautiful Xoxo

phoebe hallett says:

This video was just in time! I have a situation going on in my life and it
made me feel like sh*t. This video has made me re-think about my problems
and just be like. ” hey , ima stay happy “. I want to thank you so so much.
Thank you girl!

limelight222 says:

Your still very beautiful and your message was awesome! I’m going threw
something similar and I’m a retail mua so trust I can relate anywayz ur
awesome sauce and on the bright side it happened on ur non shave head side
so hey at least u can hide it when you wana :p I’ll still tue in to every
vid and like errrrvethangg “G”

Donna Johnson says:

Thank you for being transparent with us…I needed to hear that…one of my
major goals is not letting circumstances determine my action…that I may
not be in control of what happens but…I AM in control of how I
respond…You are a beautiful person inside and out…cause I see your
light….humbly I say thank you:)…PS feel better soon…don’t go to sleep
for a few hours 


Thug life, now i believe because i love u!! TUPAC!!!! ONE LOVE!

epiphanyloa says:

I’m glad you are okay. I love your personality and sense of humor. Hi
Daisy, glad to meet ya! LOL! Don’t forget to take pictures on your

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