LipsticknCurls Presents: Curls Over Brunch NYC!! 1-17-2015

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RSVP LINK: Hello Beauties! I am pleased to announce my NYC meet & greet! This event will be a chance for me to talk beauty with some of my lovely followers…


Sephoraforlunch says:

Jan 17 is my birthday as well and i live in NYC, that’s crazy lol. 

TheFashionCraze says:

Yes! Love your spirit! I def. want to come but don’t discriminate against
my relaxed hair girl lol. Jk! I know you won’t! Yes can’t wait!

kushiteprince says:

Happy BornDay to a beautiful woman! I wish you the best. :)

alexxamore says:

what camera do you use to film babe?!

boo lee says:

Why don’t you have a least half a million subscribers! Like you deserve

PurpleMariE. says:

WHY did I think your birthday was in September? lol Happy early birthday,

LipsticknCurls says:
Jemimah Makanani says:

Uhmm… SLIGHT PROBLEM. Some of us are England based. Lol. I’m so jealous

TheFashionCraze says:

How do we RSVP? Through the restaurant? 

Maya Milo says:

Will we be ordering off the menu individually or is it buffet style ?

nisiabella says:

Jade you are on a roll lately. . Putting out tons of videos.. love seeing
your smiling face! Wish I could join you in NYC, but I’m super busy here in
Vegas. Thanks for all the hair, beauty and randomness of vidoes.. lol
Happiest New Year to you and yours!! 

Kelsey Crawley says:

How do we RSVP?! lol I’ll be home soon. . . Just for this! 

sheisobsessed says:

congrats on your event, girl!!!

dollydagger408 says:

Hey curly cutie! There’s no link to click to the event….

msindependent2021 says:

2015 is definitely going to be your year!

❤Samore Love TV❤ says:

Thats awesome. I’m here in NYC but bk is super far almost like me going to
another state

SunshineIzDivine says:

My birthday is the next day! I should come and treat myself lol 

Edwina Herring says:

Happy Birthday!! You’re gonna love New York <3

Janae Raquel says:


CrazyAboutAllThings789 says:

Can under 21’s come

Taylorina18 says:

yasssssssssssss Its my birthday on the 17th too! see you soon

nisiabella says:

…and have a very blessed birthday! 

Shelly Smith says:

Love you 

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