Keurig B70 Operation and Repair Part 5 – Why the Keurig Fails

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This video number 5 of a 6 part series on the Keurig B70 coffee maker: How it works, Why it fails, and how to repair it. This video describes why the Keurig …


ChrisLow says:

The reason Mine was doing quarter cup Or no cup was the solenoid in the
back if I tap it while it’s brewing and nothing’s coming out it started
every time.

I tried air pump and water pump but they both worked just fine.
Tap the solenoid it started brewing. 

Roger Diotte says:

You had me laughing, imagine that! As with the posters on here and getting
a little extra LOL!
Regardless I’m swinging the term “root problem” like the BOSS now!

I’m so excited to rip into my machine now as I’m experiencing the half cup
issue on my ma’s machine I got at the dump.

Onto watching your next video!

ryotaryuu says:

I sure hope you sent these videos to Keurig so they can see that there’s a
manufacturer defect with their brewers so they can fix the problem.

Whiskey_jameson channel says:

I’m having the same issues. Thanks for taking the time to show this. I’ll
probably be elbow deep in new parts next week trying to save mine.

8HumblePie says:

I found a Keurig B77 “spacecowboy” coffee maker in the junk and discovered
the same problem from the lower solenoid which has caused the same air pump
problem as well.
Nice vid. & shop Mr.Fix-it

Carol Phillips says:

I think you’re right about getting the business…I’m going to call again
and see if I get a different response from a different person. In the
meantime, my poor Keurig sits languishing in silence on a once merry coffee

Robert Bailey says:

Well done! I finally finished them all and I am about to tackle my B40

Troy Enlow says:

Thank you for posting this Mr. Fix it…. My girlfriend is now saying that
I get a little extra tonight! LOL …… NOTE!……and forgive if this was
covered…..If the AIR PUMP motor seems frozen up as well….try a bit of
rust buster on its spin axle …give it a few secs…then apply 6 volts DC
to it will turing it by hand…Mine freed up and started spinning like
new…I then followed it up with some very good non corrosive lube. If
they don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy! remember
were all in this together! LOL

John Monnecka says:

Excellent video 🙂 QUESTION….
My keurig just doesn’t turn on anymore all of a sudden… I was however
having problems right before it stopped working .. It would take a few
times before water would come out… Once it got going it seemed to work
well but then if I left it for a few days it wouldn’t make coffee on the
first try … Then I got up one morning and it was off 🙁 I’ve unplugged to
let it reset etc and nothing … Took the bottom off and didn’t see any
fuse etc inside … Do you know why it’s not coming on anymore? Any help is
appreciated! Thanks!

Capt. Em says:

Tom – my unit will not turn on/power up. No light, nothing. Does the unit
have an internal fuse? Any ideas?

Jack Renaud says:

My compliments Tom I totally enjoyed your videos very informative Thank you
very much Jack

Bonnie Thompson says:

Hi Tom, my email is, Can you send me the info on how
to return my Keurig without a receipt and get a new one? Thanks!

Garrett Tousignant says:

Hey Tom, I’m like you, I love to fix stuff. So I went through your videos,
excellent BTW! I decided I wasn’t in the mood to pull the top and all that,
so I pulled the bottom which gave me access to the air pump. There was
evidence of leaking. I pulled the head on the pump and the shaft spun fine.
I put it back together knowing the issue was elsewhere and wen’t to my shop
to retrieve my other Keurig for the morning. I went to Kohls with no
receipt. No questions were asked. The lady didn’t even look at the machine.
She said just go grab one. I’m still wanting to pull the thing apart, but I
removed the temptation by returning the thing with no hassle. Great job on
the vids and explanations! Take care !

Joe Torchiana says:

Thanks for these posts! Mine ended up just being a solenoid (the one
connected to the overflow tube to the reservoir). The water was just
cycling right back into the reservoir – and remaining in “Brewing”
status for far too long. My diagnosis was simply to crimp the overflow line
– and everything functioned as it should. $4 dollar fix and the
satisfaction was worth a lot more! Thanks again!

Travis Combel says:

Thanks for the videos. I could have used the express version lol.

My B70 had minimal corrosion, and the motor turned free, after I tapped it
a few times. This pump doesn’t seem to need the wet environment to fail.
It’s just a week component.

David Sligar says:

Thanks, Tom — But you really need an editor!! The useful info you’ve
given could have been done in two videos — debunking all the others, for
example, who needs it? Still, very nice job, very generous sharing —

Carol Phillips says:

Hi again, and thanks for your response. I called the commercial Keurig
dept. and the guy there said Keurigs are not made to be repaired because
they are made from the inside out, (???) and there are no parts available
and that it uses a different pump than other Keurigs. He recommended
descaling, and if that didn’t work it was hopeless. I bought the unit 2 yrs
ago at a thrift store for $5, so it’s not eligible for a return. I might
tear into it if I can locate a pump.

John Monnecka says:

Didn’t know how to reply to your post from my phone app sorry for the new
comment lol
I have a B70 .. I sent you an email… I’d rather return it than fix it
myself as much as I love to tinker lol thank you!

angeredsmile2 says:

cool i always wondered how it worked. ours has been very reliable for
almost 7 years of daily use

ntcochranx3 says:

Thanks a lot for the info I never would have known what was wrong with this
machine without all your research and videos. I did on the other hand fix
the frozen motor from the bottom of the unit taking away the issue of
having to remove the top and disassemble the whole thing and saving a lot
of time. Thanks again. Works great now!

Fran Gagne says:

Bravo, superb

John Taylor says:

My B40 machine was doing 8Oz on the 10Oz setting. The problem is a stuck
water bypass valve. When un-energized, the valve diverts water from the
pump back to the reservoir. The controller must close the valve during
normal operation. Whacking the machine may dislodge the piston but if it
is too contaminated this won’t work and neither will de-scaling as the
vinegar can’t get to the contamination: http:\www.tayloredge.comKeurig-StuckBypassValve.jpg,
I took my machine apart and cleaned up the valve, not it works as good as
new. I see in your video the B70 has the same pair of valves.

Tammy Medina says:

I need help I purchased A keurig and it has not even been a year.. I wonder
if there still is a warranty thru KEURIG..or how can I replace it..Help I
can not live with out my keurig…a true coffee addict here

Gwendolyn Kelley says:

My Keurig will not brew and also shows the word De scale? Can anyone tell
me what De scale is

Bonnie Thompson says:

Our Keurig is no longer working. Can you please send me the information I
need to return it? Thanks

Larry Wiehe says:

Thanks Tom! You obviously spent a lot of time doing this series. You hit
the nail on the head! My B70 quit about three years ago. I threw it in the
barn because being a Yankee I hate to throw anything away. I figured I
would tear it apart some day to see what makes it tick. Well my “new” B70
is starting to do the same thing. I figured it was time to look at the old
one. I thought I’d check YouTube to see what was on here as I could not
figure out how to open it up without breaking the case. I have had little
luck with info on here in the past so I was skeptical at best. Your videos
came up first. Like I said you hit it on the head. Got it opened and saw
the rusty pump motor and solenoid valve first thing. Pulled off the motor,
put a few drops of oil on the bearing and worked it a bit. Reassembled and
guess what? Worked perfectly! Now to order a new solenoid and cover the
motor. Thanks again!

Joseph Huynh says:

Hey Tom, I just bought my Keurig B70 machine off of eBay. It initially
brewed hot water fine, but trying to make a second brew, the machine just
shuts off. Thinking that it was overheating, I left it alone to cool down
and so far it has not gone past the “Not Ready” screen. Looking at your
response to Capt. Em, how likely is it that I will get a brand new Keurig
in exchange for this one at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Kohls? I’d really like
some coffee early in my mornings again!

ShenandoahGifts says:

I just want to tell you that you are Awesome! I have had my original Keurig
B70 for about 5 years, no problems that a good descaling and ‘spanking’
could take care of …. up until now. Looks like the pump/air motor has
gone bad, going by this video on my old Keurig. In anticipation, I had
picked up a ‘barely used’ Keurig on ebay last year. Still in the original
box, original wrap still on the reservoir, etc etc. Set it up, rinsed out
the reservoir a few times, placed the reservoir on the machine, waited thru
the process, in anticipation of getting my first good cup of coffee in a
few days …. the only thing showing up on the screen is Prime. And so, I
go to the Troubleshooting page of the guide. I rinse out the reservoir
again….. and again…. Same result. Prime. Looks like I’ll be going
without a good cup of coffee for a few more days at least until I either
figure the Prime issue, or take your advise below and take it to Bed, Bath,
and Beyond, or put it back up on ebay. btw: I’ve put my old Keurig up on
ebay for those who may be able and willing to fix the pump issue. Anyway,
Help! 🙂 And Thank you!!!! :)

Carol Phillips says:

Great video. I have a B200 commercial plumbed Keurig that’s only brewing
partial cups. It doesn’t do that “spew” at the end of a cycle either. What
can I do?

Carol Phillips says:

ps have done all the needle clearing, etc

Freddie Slaughter says:

My level indicator isn’t working right, if I set it at size 5, it will give
me 12 oz., but if I try it the next day it will give me 11 oz., why is
this? It like it has a mind of its own.

W Wong says:

Thank you for the great videos. I concluded that my issue was the air pump
since I was able to blow air through bottom of the water tank and clear the
hot water in the vessel. It is easier to take the bottom off and
disassemble the pump without taking apart the hood and back of the
machine. After taking the bottom of the pump off, I used needle nose
pliers to turn and loosen the motor. It took a couple of attempts, but I
knew it worked when I heard the squealing noise just like the video. I
really appreciate the time you put into making the videos. You’ve saved me
some money especially since Keurig would not replace my machine with my
expired warranty.

Sasha Chinchar says:

Do you think you can do this step without apart the whole machine? It’s so
hard to get the top off!

Tom Morgan says:

Great news! I had another write and tell me about using the utility knife.
Good solution. Sounds like you have it all fixed up. Congratulations. And
thanks for the feedback. Tom

Jer Shep says:

Yes sir. From what’s on here, definitely don’t delete them. Yours are the
only truly informative vids on this issue that I’ve seen good sir. Great
vids regardless of any cam issues. I’m sorry I said anything about it. I
know your just trying to make a positive contribution to the community and
then some ass like me makes a negative comment on a good video. I apologize
good sir. Keep it up if you have any other contribs. Your approach is very
professional and very informative. Thank you.

Sharky Feelp says:

so now that you figured what the problem is. would it not be a easy fix for
others to remove the bottom only and change the pump from there,

Jer Shep says:

Again I think you’ve done an awesome job with the series and I’ve enjoyed
following it. Maybe check your cam settings to see if there’s anything you
can do about the movement distortions. Thanks for the vids. They have been
very informative. 🙂

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