Japan Crate March 2015 | I hate white chocolate?

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Ashley Ann Laz says:
She-Love O says:

I’ve try most of the things that come in these boxes. Perks of being half
japanese and living nyc.

BunnyBunBun04 says:

I ate squid before and it’s really good in my opinion. Anyways, good video!

Renae W. says:

You said fruit should not be with chocolate, but do you like chocolate
covered strawberries? I love them!! Great video :)

Kawaii Crafter101 says:

Hi i love your videos and you inspired me to start making clay creations!

agustin torres says:

for the FIRST time in forever im first :D.

Katetrista says:

Ugh, I hate white chocolate too. lol Everything about it makes me nauseous.

Yolanda Tai says:

I don’t like white chocolate either (it’s not even chocolate, technically).
Long live dark chocolate!!

misaki covington says:

I love these boxes

Germain Aquarius says:

Dear Ashley, I wish you could organize a giveaway for poppin cookin or
Maybe Japan crate! Pleaseee 

lheanna Molina says:

8th place (crying)

MamegomaCafeSweets says:

You are so picky how do your even live I bet you don’t even like any thing
and I don’t even get when you have a fiancé I be the just likes your

Sugar8Cupquake says:

Fifth and… I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella Viereck says:
cutiepie kawaii says:

First view!

hannah so says:

Omg almost all the snacks can buy in hong kong 

Amy Le says:

Loved it

Kawaii Snow Bunny says:

Love your hair style! Miss u so much!

Fotini Kalargyros says:

First like

angelina rivera says:


Mariam Ghanem says:

I don’t like too much of white choc. I’ll enjoy it if it was on bark or
small amounts.

Bib Bob says:

Your so judge mental 

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