How To Recharge an AC System – EricTheCarGuy

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adysayswakeupffs says:

Thanks Eric. A very informative and well made video. I like that you’ve
stressed the importance of PPE the amount of AC vids I’ve watched where
they haven’t been wearing gloves or safety glasses is cringeworthy! You
mentioned about adding oil to the refrigerant (yellow) hose before
charging. This is a great tip, thank you. Just a thought though, doesn’t
those ‘one shot’ deals already have pag oil added? Thanks again! :D

hammerofjezabel says:

Sorry, I’m not paying someone $100 to recover my refrigerant. It will be
jettisoned into the atmosphere. Isn’t that the reason we have R134a now?
Because its environmentally friendly?

Scot Cook says:

I am concerned with over charging the system. The pressures look pretty
good on the gauges however there is still foam bubbles in the sight-glass.
Is it better to leave the system a little low appose to risking over

MaxxFordham says:

Hmm… there would have only been the “sucks” pun if you had meant that
“sucks” to mean 2 or more things at once, like the idea of drawing the
fluid combined with “this is bad.” What supposed “pun” were you thinking

Dennis Carey says:

I always thought that when adding refrigerant, the can has to be held
upright for gas. It even says that on the can.

Orison Squirrell says:

u didnt purge any air out those lines.. letting noncons inside.. humm..

Scot Cook says:

Is this the same procedure for the older R12 systems? My system is
working, just low on refrigerant. I have the R12 and don’t want to convert
to 134a.

טכנאי מזגנים בישראל says:

Great tips here, thanks!

EvilJ069 says:

Why does your Subie sound like a tractor?

gio pring says:

hello eric.. please give me advise regarding my car that sometimes the AC
has didn’t give cold air but it still have in good Freon or refrigerant,
and also my a/c cabin filter was already replaced by new one. Do i need to
do a cleaning on some parts like condenser, evaporator, hoses? and i if
will do a cleaning.. do i need to replace my freon or refregirant before
perform it and will stall a new one when done cleaning. please help me

chuock says:

you dont purge the suction hose line (yellow line) before charging? Didn’t
you just put non condensibles in there not purging it? 

James Dahmer says:

Hey Eric, the A/C on my car seems to be functional and charged however it
runs very intermittently. It’ll blow perfectly cold for about 5 minutes and
then shut off and… seemingly never restart (I often have to cycle the A/C
switch in order to get it to run again) – could this be a malfunction in
that pressure relief valve (expansion valve/metering orifice)?

Rick West says:

With that setup, aren’t you adding some amount of outside air to the system
that is present in the yellow hose when you connect it up to the can of
freon? I wonder if it matters, or if it would be better to have a T in the
yellow hose, and have the freon already connected while you evacuate the
system. Then, if there were a valve between the T and the vacuum pump, you
could close that off before adding the freon.

Martir Mejia says:

hi eric,i have a question,what you do with the old freon when your vacuum
pump is full,or never get full? or what to do with that,i hope you help me
with that ,,thank . 

Pix Casey says:

When I unscrewed the shredder valve cap, there was a tad of pressure that
came out. Is that the evidence of a valve leak?

VideoGamePlayer12 says:

My AC compressor got replaced with a pulley after it failed by the previous
owner, who knows how many years ago. Unfortunately, whatever shop that did
it left the lines OPEN, instead of capping them off like you are supposed
too. What do I need to replace in the system that’s probably full of junk
before its safe to put a compressor in there? I’ve heard condenser and
accumulator along with the lines.

Nandor says:

And r134a is a HFC not a CFC. Which has a ozone depletion potential of 0.
Which technically means it won’t deplete the ozone. 

omar castellanos says:

Hey Eric I have a question on ac system, , I have a 2010 civic and my issue
is that the get hotter when the car is on park, or while the car is not
moving, put while is driving everything works fine, , wat could the issue
on something like that??? Thanks Eric

vqfive says:

When you were checking for leaks you had the valves closed off before you
shut the pump off. You kept the valves closed off so how can you tell if
there is a leak if the lines to the gauges are closed off.

Tedybear315 says:

For the ones yelling about “purging air” from the service hose. He used
the hose to add oil and the U/V additive. The amount of air in that hose,
when compared to the vacuum in the entire system is very tiny. Put another
way–you remove the hose, fill it with the oil/additive. How are you going
to purge the air out of that hose? Hook it to the vacuum pump and you’ll
draw the added fluids into your pump and out the exhaust Granted the
method I was taught was to (while the system was being serviced) introduce
the oil to the part being replaced–or even dump the additive into the
system. Then hook the service line, vacuum the system for 30 minutes or
more..swap hose to the tank and refill. I’ll sit back and wait for the
flaming to start. This is how I was trained and have done so for the last
25+ years. (and I’ve never had an issue)

Tracy Lee says:

So it’s ok to turn the freon can upside down when charging? Old timers have
always told me that it goes in as a liquid when the can is upside down and
that is bad. I’m not sure just asking, great video!

JAY LEE says:

I have a 99 tahoe and I want to replace the heater core. I need a very
detail vid of removing one. I love all your videos. They are very detailed
and very good for someone like me that never really picked up a tool. 

Rafael Chavez says:

What about if the AC is not working and it’s over presumed

Scott Lee says:

Great Video I am doing my repairs by following your videos

Online Police says:

When you vaccuum the system and open both sides on the gauges, does’t it
damage the high side gauge because the pointer is pushing against the stop

Jesse Tate says:

If anyone has the time – Why is in not possible to get – 30mmhg on earth? +

Craig Oliver says:

Ok…got my vacuum pump. I’m gonna start to put a vacuum on the system.
Wish me luck…

jackson j says:

most of your instruction is wrong. before charging you don’t have to start
the car, just let the freon go in by its self, and when stop going you
start the car and turn on your a/c. when charging fan should be in high
speed, finale vent temp should be 42 degrees. High side too low needs more
charge, also if high side does not come up you have weak a/c compressor.

Malith Samarasigha says:

thanks .good bless you

Casey McMillan says:

Hey great video! One thing I would have mentioned to be more precise for
smaller systems, allow the freon in the manifold hoses to enter the low
side before you take the the hoses off.

izzzzzz6 says:

I’m thinking it is not good to have air inside the yellow hose when you
start. I’m thinking if you could at least remove some of the pag oil from
the system (the same amount that would fill the yellow hose) then fill the
yellow hose with the correct pag oil so there is no air in the hose, then
start to suck the refrigerant into the system, or perhaps try to let the
dye run down the hose to near to the re-fill can and before tightening the
yellow hose back to the manifold gauge set let a tiny amount of the gas
push the air out of the hose (the R134A is heavier than air so the air
should stay above the R134A). Sorry i am no expert at this but i’m trying
to get this down the best i can before i repair my system. There don’t seem
to be many videos out there regarding changing the pag oil, and since it
can absorb moisture i’m thinking it is best to change out the pag oil in a
system that has been leaky and empty for a while. Apparently air or
moisture can react with the R134A to make acids that will slowly destroy
the ac system from the inside out.

Liberty309 says:

T.Y. very much . I’m nice and cool again in my 90+ degree heat :-)

Jesse Olivares says:

Do I need to add oil to my new gage set? 

Skip Ad says:

The yellow hose is called the service hose just in case you didn’t know.

Exil says:

All the a/c guys in my company use Yellow Jacket pump/gauge/etc for that
kind of stuff. I am in no way associated with them but just saying that if
someone what a place to begins for products search. I have no clue about
a/c, video was very informative, thanks eric.

Reynaldo Morales says:

I wish I had all the equipment necessary to repair my ac. But, Thanks for
the info!

ToNnY cAsSiDy says:

thanks eric ,but i don’t know why my workshop installed sanden car ac can’t
get lower than 44 psi on the low side while it don’t have high side
connector,maybe expansion valve failure ?

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