How It Works: Refrigerator Icemakers

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To find replacement parts for your refrigerator ice maker, search using your appliance’s model number. …

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Mohamed Omar says:

Warm Fridge And Freezer what to check
i turned the timer off
the fridge and freezer works perfectly again
but few days later it was warm again

13r4nd0 says:

I’m an electronic technician and I must say I appreciate the step by step
break down of your videos on fixing appliances. I was saddened when noticed
that there wasn’t talk about the receiver and the expansion valve on the
“how refrigerators work” video but all in all your video instructions are
great and a big help. Kudos and let me know if I can support your site in
anyway. ´╗┐ says:

Thanks! We’re happy to help! says:

No problem!

Elan Hickler says:

this is like the most pro instructional video I’ve seen in a long time.

BigBossGator says:

Incredibly helpful. Blew my manual out of the water in terms of
helpfulness. Thanks!

Tptate Sam says:

muy bueno me ayudo says:

We’re glad you like it! says:

We’re happy to help!

85ZingoGTR says:

It is under warranty but many of these PC Richard technicians need to be
told exactly what’s wrong with it or they’ll replace the incorrect part.
It’s already happened. I have been having the worst luck in the world with
these new fridges. We had another Frigidaire refrigerator and it had
defrosting and door gasket problems. Technician came out 3 times for this
fridge. I ended up getting it replaced and upgraded to a Frigidaire Gallery
and works like a dream. But the icemaker doesn’t work now.

Todd WinterNet says:

good information. thank you so much for this informative video.

paul noyb says:

Thank you for the video. Now if our fridges breaks we know who to call.

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