How I changed my Lifestyle and Nutrition | LOGBOOK #1

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NaturallyBec says:

Your English is great! I wish I knew another language so well, I’ve been
focusing on making myself healthier too, so congrats and keep up the good

Cavycavecircus says:

.your English is getting great! Thank you for sharing and I hope to see

BlackCat2 says:

Your English is good so don’t worry about that. Also you are already a
beautiful young lady. 🙂 I do understand the desire to eat healthier though
so you feel just as good on the inside.

– Heidi

Stefanie Luna says:

Your english is great!, and i love u debby u are amazing! Im always
watching your videos :)

kaysia chan says:

Your very bella!

Raque santa cruz says:

make a video of wath you eat on the day, some healthy snaks ideas and your
workout routine 😉 love you 

Actually Sophie says:

I love your videos
I habe a sketch book filled with stuff I have drawn form you channel
You are so amazing
Thatnks for being inspirational

p6ul6 says:

carb are good for you ! 🙂 check out high carb vegan diet, 30bananas a day
or starch solution. I love you! 🙂 best wishes from Poland.

Evelyn Garcia says:

Ilysm Debby!!!

markeetka1 says:

Your english is great!! Such improvement in such short time. Well done!!

Lydia Wong says:

Your English is great Debby keep going on with your grammar

Syahidah Sumadi says:

I love your artworks and drawings ;)

Smiley Me says:

I love your videos.

Mikaela Orbe says:

Luv ya Debby!! Forever

Any Cabello says:

Your ssssoooo pritty 🙂 

Amazeballs Niki says:

Love u debby ♥♥♥

Danajah Vazquez says:

Your accent though.

Teodora Goranovic says:

You are awesome

Janna Santiago says:

great english

Marlene Collins says:


Bai Loren says:

I love your voice 

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